DJ Mix | Thumpa – The Hardcore Underground Show – 23.02.11.


Not a bad way to kick things off, ay?  ReBuild Music’s Thumpa presents us with an hour-long set, recorded live on the weekly Hardocre Underground Show- hosted on Krafty Radio.  A nicely balanced set, featuring some stylish tracks from a range of genres.  With the likes of Netsky, Shimamura and Dougal & Gammer providing the material – you can’t go wrong.  To catch the show, tune in at every Wednesday at 8pm. For more news and bits on Hardcore Undergournd, you can check out their site here, and to keep up to date with Thumpa’s ReBuild Music, click here. Simply hit the image below to get downloading. Enjoy girls.


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01. Netsky ft Bev Lee Harling – Let’s Leave Tomorrow – Hospital
02. Cat Like Thief – As Rain Falls – ReBuild Music
03. Rhythmics – Just Cry – CDR
04. Sam B – Burnin’ Up – CDR
05. DJ Shimamura – Pump This Party – CDR
06. DJ Pinnacle – Drop One VIP – CDR
07. Stu Infinity – The Darkness (Prospect remix) – ReBuild Music
08. Rhythmics – Keep Rockin’ – ReBuild Music
09. Keyes – Meant To Be (VIP mix) – Go Tell Yo Momma
10. Hyperforce & Wiggi – Go Let It Go – Go Tell Yo Momma
11. Rhythmics – Release Me – ReBuild Music
>>>Dougal & Gammer – Fuck Me On The Dancefloor – Essential Platinum
12. Andy Dee – Skool Of Hard Knocks – Make Believe
13. Devastate – Evolution (Mozz & Thumpa remix) – ReBuild Music
14. Little Fella – Start The Party (A.B’s ElectroBoom remix) – ReBuild Music
15. Freestate – So Damn Fresh – Uprising Digital
16. Kevin Energy – Veti Levu (Big Kick remix) – Relentless Digital

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