New Album | The Slipmatt Remix Collection – The Hardcore 90s – Part 1 | 26.02.11.


My goodness – what do we have here!  Featuring not only an 80 minute, 20 track mix – but including 17 full-length unmixed classics, you would be an absolute retard if you weren’t giving serious thought to purchasing this album.  It’s a download only album, and available exclusively from It’s out TODAY – so what in God’s name are you waiting for?  Perhaps you’d like a sample? Well, it’s a good thing that everybody’s favourtie Aussie Hardcore DJ – DJ Cotts – has put together a promo mix on YouTube, isn’t it? Get involved.


01. DJ Seduction – My Own (Slipmatt Remix)
02. Mike Slammer & DJ Red Alert – In Effect (Slipmatt Dubplate Remix)
03. Slipmatt – Take Me Away (Slipmatts Instrumental Remix)
04. Ramos & Supreme – Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix)
05. Oaysis – Close Your Eyes (Slipmatt Remix) (DJ Mix only)
06. SMD SMD#3 – (Slipmatt Dubplate Remix)
07. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness (Slipmatt Remix)
08. Jack n Phil – Unity (Slipmatt Remix)
09. DJ Brisk – Airhead (Slipmatts SMD Remix) (DJ Mix only)
10. SMD – SMD#2AA (Slipmatt Dubplate Remix)
11. Brisk & Ham – On & On (Slipmatt Remix) (DJ Mix only)
12. DJ Slam ft. Charlie B – Coming On Strong (Slipmatt Dubplate Remix)
13. SMD – SMD#1A (Slipmatt Dubplate Remix)
14. Demo, Ham & Time – The Big Spill (Slipmatt Remix)
15. JDS – Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix)
16. DJ Demo – You’re Mine (Slipmatt Remix)
17. Alchemist & Fade – Keep On Trying (Slipmatt Remix)
18. Slippery Project – Something Like This (Slipmatt Remix)
19. Slipmatt – After Dark (Slipmatt Remix)
20. SL2 – On A Ragga Tip (Slipmatt Remix)

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