DJ Mix | Billy Daniel Bunter & MC Whizzkid – 20 Years Of Hardcore – Kool London | 21.02.11.


Billy Daniel Bunter


Jesus Christ, what a mix. This is phenomenal. Countless tracks make up an almost three hour musical journey through the progression of hardcore over the last twenty years. Whizzkid is on hand with MC support. Unfortunately, there’s no tracklist available, but I doubt very much that that’s going to stop you. Recorded live on Kool London – one of the only, if not the only, times that upfront hardcore has been aired on the station. Get involved right now.

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Track Release | Next Generation Records – NG097 – Three New Tracks – 28.02.11.

Next Generation Records


New tunes from Quosh, FutureWorld and Next Generation all on one day? Unbelievable. Very much a Ham-themed EP, this. Firstly, he teams up with S.O.U.L. to bring us Run To You – a pacey and fluent track with a low-key male vocal. Next, we’ve got stompy and electro-ie number – Fashion. And finally, a really original sounding track called Skream. We love this one. Real feel-good stuff. For clips and money-surrendering, scoot over to

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Track Release | FutureWorld Records – FW027 – Four New Tracks – 28.02.11.


Mmmm, delicious. Big fan of the FutureWorld label. Strong release schedule from these guys over the last few weeks/months – and it shows no sign of relenting now. It’s been a while, but underrated vocal anthem – Summer Rain (featured on Breeze’s mix of Clubland X-treme Hardcore 5) has finally seen the light of day. We’ve also got a remix of Breeze & Styles’ excellent Come With Me – Pertuccio & Modulate responsible for that one. And rounding things up, we’ve got two tracks that featured on Clubland X-Treme hardcore 7: Breeze & Chris Unknown – Kick Ya Legs, and Breeze – 1 2 3 Hit It!. Check out clips, and download the full tracks over at

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Track Release | Quosh Records – 100th Release – Four New Tracks – 28.02.11.


Monday morning. Back at work? Struggling from a weekend of excess? Well perk yourself up with some brand spanking new offerings from the mighty Quosh Records. Enormous congratulations to them – reaching the incredible milestone of 100 releases. This EP includes two remixes of Sy & Unknown’s modern, grimey classic – What A Great Drug (one from the increasingly popular Technikore, and one from Dougal & Gammer). Also featured is an update of a genuine classic – If That’s Alright With You. Finally, we’ve got a remix of The Vampire’s Technostorm, with Monsieur Re-Con on remix duties. Solid EP, this. You can listen to clips and buy the tracks over at, or at Quosh’s very own website.

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