Track Release | FutureWorld Records – FW027 – Four New Tracks – 28.02.11.


Mmmm, delicious. Big fan of the FutureWorld label. Strong release schedule from these guys over the last few weeks/months – and it shows no sign of relenting now. It’s been a while, but underrated vocal anthem – Summer Rain (featured on Breeze’s mix of Clubland X-treme Hardcore 5) has finally seen the light of day. We’ve also got a remix of Breeze & Styles’ excellent Come With Me – Pertuccio & Modulate responsible for that one. And rounding things up, we’ve got two tracks that featured on Clubland X-Treme hardcore 7: Breeze & Chris Unknown – Kick Ya Legs, and Breeze – 1 2 3 Hit It!. Check out clips, and download the full tracks over at

EP Details

FW027 A1: Breeze & Styles – Come With Me (Petruccio & Modulate Remix) [5.27]
FW027 A2: Breeze vs Brad Sure ft. Katie Hallowday – Summer Rain [5.16]
FW027 AA1: Breeze & Chris Unknown – Kick Ya Legs [4.34]
FW027 AA2: Breeze – 1 2 3 Hit It! [6.18]

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