Track Release | Quosh Records – 100th Release – Four New Tracks – 28.02.11.


Monday morning. Back at work? Struggling from a weekend of excess? Well perk yourself up with some brand spanking new offerings from the mighty Quosh Records. Enormous congratulations to them – reaching the incredible milestone of 100 releases. This EP includes two remixes of Sy & Unknown’s modern, grimey classic – What A Great Drug (one from the increasingly popular Technikore, and one from Dougal & Gammer). Also featured is an update of a genuine classic – If That’s Alright With You. Finally, we’ve got a remix of The Vampire’s Technostorm, with Monsieur Re-Con on remix duties. Solid EP, this. You can listen to clips and buy the tracks over at, or at Quosh’s very own website.

EP Details

QSH100 A1: Sy & Unknown – If That’s Alright With You (2011 Mix) [4.36]
QSH100 A2: The Vampire – Technostorm (Re-Con Remix) [4.49]
QSH100 B1: Sy & Unknown – What A Great Drug (Dougal & Gammer Remix) [3.17]
QSH100 B2: Sy & Unknown – What A Great Drug (Technikore Remix) [4.25]

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