Free Album | Crush On Hardcore – SOTV – 2010.

Crush On Hardcore - SOTV


18 free unmixed tracks anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought! The final installment in the phenomenal Crush On Hardcore series features some of the finest DnB/Breakbeat influenced hardcore around. The album features tracks from the likes of Luna-C, Entity, Ponder and Stargazer. It is seriously high-quality stuff. It was released back in 2010, but just in case you missed it, or can’t find a download link anywhere – we’re adding it to our Free Albums page. Make sure you check the Free Albums page regularly, because we’ve got quite a lot of stuff that’s ready to go up. We’ll be adding bits and pieces periodically. Keep your eyes peeled. The tracklist is below, and if you like the look of it, just head over to our Free Albums page to get downloading. Enjoy!

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Track Release | Notorious Vinyl – NOTV013 – Four New Tracks – 27.02.11.

Notorious Vinyl


Busy week on the old release front, ay? Notorious Vinyl with four new tunes for those of you that like it a little harder. Marc Smith and Darren Hotchkiss dominating this batch. Head over to to get involved. The latest bits and pieces from Marc and Darren can be found on their SoundCloud pages.

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Live Set | DJ Cruze & MC Friction – Live @ HTID In The Sun 2010 | 14.06.2010.


Cruze & MC Friction - HTID In The Sun 2010


Mmm, live-set-goodness. Check out this hour-long bad boy. Representing Trackmaster Music, the tunes come from Cruze and the lyrics from Friction. If you’re an HTID fan, you’ve no doubt heard all the live sets from all the big boys by now, but why not have a listen and see how the boys in room two did? You can follow Cruze, Friction and Trackmaster Music at their respective SoundCloud pages. No tracklist available just yet, but fingers crossed. Download link below.

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Track Release | Trackmaster Music – TMMD010, TMMD011, & TMMD012 – Three New Tracks – 28.02.11.


Trackmaster Music


Lovely, lovely stuff. This is a really strong set of releases. In his first Trackmaster Music outing, fast-rising, all-singing producer Gisbo unleashes an awesome vocal in the absolute cracker that is Cry Little Sister (Need You Now). Can’t get enough of this one. And if powerful vocals are your thing, you won’t be disappointed by the second track in this release series. Featuring some seriously strong vocals from Kaylaa, Nick Fluid’s Heaven In The Sky will definitely have you singing along. And finally, to ease you back down from that vocal high, Eufeion presents us with Sanctuary. This is truly classy track. An instrumental beast. Eufeion is most definitely cementing his reputation as a serious producer. All in all, a superb set of tunes. Support the label, and go over to to buy these gems. You can also keep up to date with Trackmaster Music on their SoundCloud page.

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