Free Album | Crush On Hardcore – SOTV – 2010.

Crush On Hardcore - SOTV


18 free unmixed tracks anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought! The final installment in the phenomenal Crush On Hardcore series features some of the finest DnB/Breakbeat influenced hardcore around. The album features tracks from the likes of Luna-C, Entity, Ponder and Stargazer. It is seriously high-quality stuff. It was released back in 2010, but just in case you missed it, or can’t find a download link anywhere – we’re adding it to our Free Albums page. Make sure you check the Free Albums page regularly, because we’ve got quite a lot of stuff that’s ready to go up. We’ll be adding bits and pieces periodically. Keep your eyes peeled. The tracklist is below, and if you like the look of it, just head over to our Free Albums page to get downloading. Enjoy!


01. Jnks – Skywalker
02. Ponder – Morning Sun
03. Carbon Based & DJ RX – Cyclone 2
04. Luna-C – The War
05. Alek Szahala – Sunray Unfinished Forever
06. Hattrixx Mertype – The Robot (Cube::Hard Remix)
07. Click – Alpha Dog
08. RaverRose & Thermal Force – Eternal Cannon (DJ RX Remix)
09. Alex Sash – Stimulate
10. Nomic – Aurinkoon
11. Sam One – Liquid Moon
12. Stargazer – Released 2010
13. Carbon Based – Ancestor
14. Luna-C – Fuck Me Egyptian Style
15. Entity featuring Hattrixx – Parasite (Sequel Of The VIP)
16. DJ RX featuring Jolea – My Serenity
17. Matt England & Compulsion – Paramnesia
18. Idealz – Gloom


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