Free Track | Orion Too ft. Caitlin – Travelling (X-Cyte 2009 Hardcore Remix) – 02.03.11.

NSR Records


Lovely drifty feel to the vocal in this one. Very subtle sounding track indeed. If you like the original, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this too. Some other news for you, concerning NSR. They’ve just announced that they will be releasing their third physical CD – a superb feat, given the taxing and economically challenging nature of operating in a digitally dominated market. The first two installments were superb, and we expect the third to follow suit. You can expect to see this released by around the end of March, with pre-orders beginning next week. To keep abreast of what’s going on at NSR, scoot over to their website, or join their facebook group. As always, download link and YouTube vid below. Enjoy.

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Free Album | Gisbo Promotion Album – January 2011

Gisbo Promotional Album


If you haven’t heard of Gisbo, then you absolutely have to download this free album. It features three CDs. Two mixed CDs and a third, unmixed, CD -featuring no less than 10 top draw remixes. The boy from Wales is making waves in Hardcore at the moment, producing a hell of a lot of good stuff. He’s big on vocals, and often provides them himself. The boy can sing, that’s for sure. Below, we’ve got the tracklist and the YouTube video advert. To start downloading, get yourself over to our Free Albums page.

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Free Track | Phenex – So Naive | 2010




Gorgeous vocal track from Swedish producer Phenex. This guy doesn’t make much, but when he does – it’s seriously good. Remember a track called Angels In My Head, from CLSM & Nu Foundation’s mix on Hardcore Underground 3? Well, that’s these guys. Fantastic. If you want to read up a little more on Phenex, or listen to some more samples – head over to his website.

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Free Track | Fracus ft. Fraz – Save Our Love – 2010



Free Fracus tune! Awesome. This guy needs no introduction. A frequent feature for both super-labels Next Generation Records and Hardcore Underground, Fracus gifts us a top quality free track. Some saucy male vocals and slow, melodic pianos – this is glorious stuff! Follow Fracus on SoundCloud for all the latest. Download link and YouTube vid below.

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Free Track | Eufeion – Feelin’ Desire – December 2010



Free dreamy vocal goodness, anyone? Really cheeky little number. Eufeion’s most definitely going places, and he gave this one away around Christmas time. We’ve got a few more freebie’s from Eufeion to give away, so watch this space. Click here to check out some forthcoming tracks and brand new samples from the man himself. Download link & YouTube vid below.

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