Free Track | Orion Too ft. Caitlin – Travelling (X-Cyte 2009 Hardcore Remix) – 02.03.11.

NSR Records


Lovely drifty feel to the vocal in this one. Very subtle sounding track indeed. If you like the original, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this too. Some other news for you, concerning NSR. They’ve just announced that they will be releasing their third physical CD – a superb feat, given the taxing and economically challenging nature of operating in a digitally dominated market. The first two installments were superb, and we expect the third to follow suit. You can expect to see this released by around the end of March, with pre-orders beginning next week. To keep abreast of what’s going on at NSR, scoot over to their website, or join their facebook group. As always, download link and YouTube vid below. Enjoy.


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