Free Track | Cat Like Thief – Just For Now – 02.03.11.

ReBuild Music


Brand new free track! ReBuild Music are giving away a dreamy Cat Like Thief tune. Cat Like Thief’s development over the past twelve months is nothing short of amazing, with ReBuild head-honcho Thumper wisely snapping him up. Follow Cat Like Thief and ReBuild Music on SoundCloud for all the latest. Download link and YouTube vid below.

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Track Release | Make Some Noise Records – Two Tracks – 01.03.11.

Make Some Noise Records


Two wicked tracks from Robbie-S here. The first, a trance remix, is Feels So Good. Lives up to the name – makes us feel good, definitely. The second is absolutely phenomenal. Totally unexpected change in style as you get into the tune. Really good stuff. Check out Robbie-S’s SoundCloud for more great tunes, and get over to to show your support!

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DJ Mix | MOB & MC Enemy – The Album Sessions – 19.02.11.


MOB & MC Enemy - The Album Sessions


“Finally its here, the brand new FREE digital download only mix album concept from two of UK hardcore musics hottest properties – DJ MOB & MC Enemy. Featuring 21 outstanding new tracks covering hardcore, drum & bass, electro and even a twist of dubstep, the eagerly awaited album mix also features tracks from Styles & Breeze, Squad-E and Supreme as well as being expertly mixed by MOB and energetically hosted by Enemy.” You can follow MOB and MC Enemy on their facebook pages. Download link and tracklist below

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Free Album | eXceed Bootlegs – The Album | Nov. 2009


eXceed Bootlegs - The Album


Here’s the 2009 bootleg album from eXceed. The album consists of two CDs; one mixed, one unmixed. The album is now available in the Free Albums secton. Check out eXceed’s YouTube channel for a few other bits and pieces. Tracklist below.

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