Live Set | JAKAZiD @ allKore Riot Kontrol 03 – 04.03.11.

allKore Riot Kontrol 03


Here’s JAKAZiD’s mix from the epic live radio event allKore Riot Kontrol 03. Here’s a little information on Riot Kontrol: “Started as a project in 2010 to showcase hardcore talent from around the world by SBZ, Melancholia, and speedycake of allKore, riotKontrol envisioned a live internet music event that had no restrictions on what was played and made purely for the entertainment of all fans of hard electronic dance music. Genres of all kinds are played, Happy Hardcore, Makina, J-Core, Drum and Bass, Gabber, and all sorts! If it has a hard beat you bet we’ll be playing it!” Awesome, huh? Below is the tracklist and download link for JAKAZiD’s set.

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Live Set | Brisk @ Vibealite & Tomorrows World Renuion #2, Mansfield, March 2011


We’ll leave the introduction to the man himself: “An Old Skool set I played at the Vibealite & Tomorrows World Renuion #2, Mansfield, March 2011. The set covers a few styles of Hardcore from Breakbeat to Bouncy Techno between 1992-1997. MCs are Hardcore legends, Peta Pan and MC Destruction. Enjoy!” Download link below.

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