Free Track | Starstruck – Everynight – 08.10.10.

Australia With Force


This is about as cheesy as it gets. This is Everynight, by Starstruck. It was the penultimate release in the series of free tracks that Australia With Force dished out (they released ten in total). At the end of 2010, Starstruck decided to call it quits on what was an increasingly popular label. Not a lot of people saw it coming, and it left a lot people gutted – ourselves included. In a semi tribute kind of way, we’ll throw up one of their free tracks every now and then. Everynight, by the way, is a remix of the Titanic theme tune. Told you it was cheesy. Starstruck has actually now moved into Drum n Bass production, and is working under the alias Extracy. Check out his SoundCloud to see how he’s doing. Download link and YouTube vid below.


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