DJ Mix | DJ Cruze & MC Frikshon – The Sounds Of TrackMaster Music | 11.03.11.

Sounds Of TrackMaster Music


Have some of this: “East Coast Promotions proudly present the next instalment in their “East Coast Mixes” series, this time in the form of an hour long Upfront UK Hardcore mix from TrackMaster Music’s head boy DJ Cruze and label Co Owner and 2010 Hardcore Heaven Best Breakthrough MC, MC Frikshon. This mix is filled to the max with the newest exclusive TMM releases as well as a selection of tracks already available on the label, Continue reading

DJ Mix | DJ Sensation & F-X – 2011 Promo Mix – 11.03.11.

Sensation Digital


This is fucking great. No other way to describe it. One of our favourite new labels around. Such good vibes. Fast, happy, euphoric, lots of vocals. There’s a good mix of old and new material, with the old being provided by some more established faces. The only thing not to like about this mix, is that it’s 34 minutes long. WE WANT MORE. There really are some phenomenal tracks in this mix. Head over to SoundCloud for more Digital Sensation stuff. Download link and tracklist below. Enjoy.

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Free Album | Ravers Addition – Himbo & Hoodzie ft. Static – 2009

Ravers Addition


Our archiving effort of the Free Albums page continues. The latest addition (geddit?) is the first installment of the Ravers Addition series. The series is currently up to number six. It’s been a little quiet over at Ravers Addition HQ for a while, and we’re not sure if we can expect a seventh album. We hope we do though, because they’re pretty fantastic. Get involved; visit our Free Albums page.

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Free Track | Rhythmics & Smash – Untitled | 10.03.11.


ReBuild Music


Beautiful instrumental track from Rhythmics & Smash. The second tune that ReBuild Music have kindly given away in the last week or so. It’s all in celebration of the forthcoming double CD album that ReBuild are releasing in a few months time. It does look pretty epic, actually. Check it out for yourself, just click here. YouTube vid and download link for the Rhythmics & Smash tune are below.

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