Free Album | Ravers Addition – Himbo & Hoodzie ft. Static – 2009

Ravers Addition


Our archiving effort of the Free Albums page continues. The latest addition (geddit?) is the first installment of the Ravers Addition series. The series is currently up to number six. It’s been a little quiet over at Ravers Addition HQ for a while, and we’re not sure if we can expect a seventh album. We hope we do though, because they’re pretty fantastic. Get involved; visit our Free Albums page.


Mix 1: Himbo ft. Static

01. Sy & Unknown – Bring Me Round To Love (Himbo & Expression Remix)
02. Electric Heaven – It’s Over (Himbo Remix)
03. Himbo vs Stu Expression ft. Marie Louise – Hold Your Love Inside
04. Himbo & Static – Far Away
05. Geos Crew – Shine (Breeze Remix & JBC Break Down)
06. Himbo & Niki Mak – I’ll Wait (Hyperforce Remix)
07. Hyperforce ft. Static – Helpless
08. Hoodzie & Undefined ft. Karen Danzig – I Will (Himbo Remix)
09. Himbo & Wiggi ft. Mrs Ward – The Elevator
10. Himbo & Static vs Robbie-S & Jam – Totally Addicted
11. Jervis & Meat ft. Static – Natural Norn Fighter (Himbo Remix)
12. Orbit1 & Static – Release The Break

Mix 2: Hoodzie

01. Hoodzie – Hard To The Core
02. Hoodzie – Time For Play
03. Hoodzie – Apart Of My Life
04. X-Cyte – Lektrik (Hoodzie’s Power Surge Remix)
05. Hoodzie – Stomp
06. Hoodzie N Undefined ft. Marie Louise – Fly With Me
07. TNT – Just Dance (TNT Mash Up)
08. EnergyForce ft. Marie Louise – My Heart’s In Your Hands (Hoodzie Remix)
09. Hoodzie – Chopped Up
10. Hoodzie – Matter Of Time
11. Himbo ft. Static – I’m OK (Hoodzie Remix)


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