Album Release | Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2 – *Coming Soon*

Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2


Allkore returns to deliver the long-awaited follow-up to 2009′s first entry in the Riot Squad series! Featuring over 20 artists providing tracks in a wide variety of styles spread across two discs, and professional mastering by none other than Martin Damm a.k.a. The Speed Freak, Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2 is shaping up to be our best release yet. No exact release date has been determined yet, but you can be sure that it won’t take nearly as long as the last one! You can get your pre-orders in over at the Allkore Store. You can also follow the Allkore guys on SoundCloud. Tracklisting below.

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Free Track | The Rasmus – In The Shadows (PARANOiD DJ Remix) | 2009



This track was first introduced back in 2009. DJ Cotts giving it some widespread exposure, featuring it one of his popular YouTube mixes. The track is a wicked remix of The Rasmus’ insanely popular 2003 song, In The Shadows. PARANOiD DJ is an up-and-coming DJ and producer based in Leeds, England and you can check out more of his stuff over at SoundCloud.
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Event | Hardcore Underground: Noize Control – Club Fever, Northampton – Friday 18th March 2011.

Hardcore Underground: Noize Control - Club Fever, Northampton - Friday 18th March 2011.


Hardcore Underground’s first event of 2011 promises to be the best yet. The newly refurbished Club Fever (Northampton) is the venue once again as a varied host of Hardcore heavyweights are lined up to provide you with another night of high quality, high energy entertainment. You can grab your tickets (for only a tenner!) over at Line-up details below.

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Event | Uproar 8th Birthday – O2 Academy, Leicester – Sunday 1st May 2011.

Uproar 8th Birthday - O2 Academy, Liecester - Sunday 1st May 2011


In 2003 Uproar held its first event, at the Brunel Rooms in Swindon, and 8 years later they’re still going strong. In true Uproar style they want to bring you something a bit different to celebrate their birthday, so after a two year wait they’ll be heading back to the former Leicester University complex (now O2 Academy Leicester). This venue has hosted some legendary past Uproar events including the 5th Birthday & Reach for the sky now after a multimillion pound rebuild its now even more spectacular! Continue reading

Track Release | Blatant Beats 093 – Three Tracks – 14.03.11.

Blatant Beats


The new Blatant Beats EP is now out. It’s an exclusively Ham EP. The first track is epic vocal-fest Love You Tonight. This has been gaining popularity recently and is almost certainly going to be doing well in the download charts. Quality track. Next, we’ve got Calling The Hardcore. Quirky, irksome, samply, twisted. The unpleasant sounds that we love to hear. And last of all is Get Busier. Semi-angry vibes, distorted vocal, menacing and threatening. Lovely. The tracks are available now from, and of course, from the Next Generation MP3 Store.

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