Album Release | Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2 – *Coming Soon*

Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2


Allkore returns to deliver the long-awaited follow-up to 2009′s first entry in the Riot Squad series! Featuring over 20 artists providing tracks in a wide variety of styles spread across two discs, and professional mastering by none other than Martin Damm a.k.a. The Speed Freak, Allkore Riot Squad Vol. 2 is shaping up to be our best release yet. No exact release date has been determined yet, but you can be sure that it won’t take nearly as long as the last one! You can get your pre-orders in over at the Allkore Store. You can also follow the Allkore guys on SoundCloud. Tracklisting below.


Hardcore Side

1. JAKAZiD – Start The Riot
2. Obsidian零 ft. Maji – 幻影の子規 – The Shroud Of Narkest Night
3. Noizenecio – N-Generation
4. TANUKI – R U Redy
5. Rex Buron – Bachelor of Boom
6. Black Ace – Snow Show [Remake]
7. nnn – Level Upper
8. Melancholia – Stereo Iubire (Epoca De Trei Culori)
9. f.nR – Optic Ataxia
10. DJ Myosuke – Micro Majesty

Nerdcore Side

1. Helblinde – Related By Blood
2. Hujiko Pro – Why?
3. Clonepa – Vengeful Ascension
4. Thanatos – Rise (Render Regalia Remix)
5. Rave Baron – Lum’s Waltz
6. Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou – 8-Bit Rock Ferry
7. KZS – Hakkotsu Rider Ver.2000
8. Guchon – Tokyo Metro
10. Happa – Rokusuke Inc
11. Lulickma – See You In Your Next Dream


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