Track Release | Blatant Beats 093 – Three Tracks – 14.03.11.

Blatant Beats


The new Blatant Beats EP is now out. It’s an exclusively Ham EP. The first track is epic vocal-fest Love You Tonight. This has been gaining popularity recently and is almost certainly going to be doing well in the download charts. Quality track. Next, we’ve got Calling The Hardcore. Quirky, irksome, samply, twisted. The unpleasant sounds that we love to hear. And last of all is Get Busier. Semi-angry vibes, distorted vocal, menacing and threatening. Lovely. The tracks are available now from, and of course, from the Next Generation MP3 Store.

EP Details

BB093 A: Ham – Love You Tonight [6.18]
BB093 AA: Ham – Calling The Hardcore [5.07]
BB093 AAA: Ham – Get Busier [6.44]


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