DJ Mix | Audio Warfare – Mid 2000’s Dark Freeform & Breakbeat Hardcore Mix | December 2010

Audio Weaponry - Large


Powerful freeform mix. This’ll take you back to the mid 2000’s. The mix is courtesy of Audio Warfare, head-honcho at Audio Weaponry. It’s a wicked mix, and a wicked label. You can find out more over on SoundCloud. Download link and tracklist below.


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01. Stormtrooper – Funkin Jungle
02. Mashed Up 006B – White Label (Not sure on track/artist details for this!)
03. Devastate, Menis & Dair – Deep Down Under
04. Sy & Unknown – Gonna Get Ya (Kaos Remix)
05. The Hooligan & The Preacher – Crackman
06. Dark Sith Warriors – Time To Gurn
07. Devotion & Exert – Dont Stop (Kaos & Ethos Remix)
08. Oli G – Monkey Cum
09. Visionary – Taste The Funk
10. DJ Fury & K Complex – Kick Down
11. Storm & Menis – Dynamite
12. Captain Skullfuck – Shooting Filt


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