DJ Mix | Ponder – Transient Vol. 2 | January 2011



This is genuinely staggeringly good stuff. You seriously cannot afford to ignore this mix. This is what the man himself had to say about it: “It’s finally here! The long awaited (by at least 6 different people) follow up to my first artist mix ‘Transient’. In a similar vein to volume 1, this is a 75-ish minute studio mix of my own tracks and remixes from the last year or so, with a handful of new unreleased bits and a couple of VIP mixes created exclusively for this. Featuring Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore, Freeform, Liquid and other things in between.” As for Transient Vol. 1, you can find that over in our brand new Mix Archive section. For more Ponder stuff, visit his SoundCloud page.


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01. Intro
02. Wizbit – Stay Lucky (Ponder VIP Remix)
03. Ponder – Sun Goes Down
04. Skampy – (Don’t Make Me Get) Old Skool (Ponder Remix)
05. Ponder – Slipstream (Transient VIP)
06. Ponder – Morning Sun
07. Ponder – Shutdown (Transient VIP)
08. Ponder – Time To Go
09. Ponder – Echoes From The Abyss
10. Ponder – Calling (See The Light) (Click Remix)
11. Ponder – Atlantis
12. Ponder & Wizbit feat. Kelli – Letting Go (Skampy Remix)
13. Ponder & HB – Orsett Cock Junction
14. Ponder – New Emotion
15. Ponder – Departure
16. Creative Synergy – Beware Of My Trance (Ponder Remix)
17. Wizbit & Ponder – New Zealand Story (Tranceponder Remix)
18. Ponder – Alignment


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