Free Album | 7D: The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria | April 2011

7D:  The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria


This is going to be epic. A seven mix, free download album covering a whole range of electronic music styles. Here’s a word from the creator of this project, Canada-based DJ V: “7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria is here to bring you the best of hard electronic music. Seven extremely talented Canadian DJs have come together to give you this massive and FREE album! The goal of this album was to familiarize the audiences around the world with not just one type of electronic music, but with seven types. The genres included in this fantastic album are: Drum N Bass, EBM, Hard Trance, PsyTrance, Hardstyle, Freeform, and last but not least UK Hardcore”. The DJ’s featuring on the album, and what style their mix is: Tamerax: Freeform, Sarcastro: Drum N Bass, Tampered DNA: PsyTrance, Type-Z.E.R.O: Hardstyle, DJ Eko: Hard Trance, DJ Reverie: EBM, and finally DJ V: UK Hardcore.

You can expect to see 7D around the beginning of April, with tracklists appearing before the end of March. We will keep you bang up-to-date on this one, as I’m sure you’re all very excited.

I’d hate for you to think that you were going to have to read all of that and not get any free music at the end of it. So, in order to not disappoint you, here is a mix. This is a mix from DJ V (creator of 7D: The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria). This mix won DJ V first prize in the recent Ottawa DJ contest. Check it the fuck out people.


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01. Geos – Gonna Take U High (Gammer Remix)
02. Joey Riot, Sunset Regime & Supreme – Bassline Thunder
03. Technikal Ft. Gammer – Finale
04. Klubfiller Ft. Stu Hughes – Last Forever (Hardcore Remix)
05. Darren Styles Vs. Manian – Outta My Head (DS Hardcore Extended Mix)
06. Technikal – Song For You (Technikore Remix)
07. Orbit1 & Milo – Bounce
08. Re-Con & Gammer – Enya Stomp (Experi-Mental Mix)
09. Jamie Ritmen – Feel the Pulse
10. S3RL – Heres Jonathan
11. Orbit1 & Milo – Groove 2 Da Beat
12. Sy & Unknown – Bring Me Round To Love (Joey Riot Remix)
13. Klubfiller – Way Of Life (Hardcore Remix)
14. Brisk & Stormtrooper – Rudeboy Sound
15. Technikal Ft. MC Whizzkid – Music For A Harder Generation (miDJe & DandyCrouch Remix)
16. Al Storm – Everybody In The Club
17. Technikal & Wain Johnstone – Look at The Heaven (Technikore Vs. Kato Remix)
18. Sy & Unknown Ft. Ben Williams – Don’t Wanna Let You Down (Joey Riot Remix)
19. Mister Stewart & Barry Diston – Seven Colours (Kevin Energy Remix)
20. Kutski & Al Storm – Power Of Darkness (Dirty Chopper Mix)


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