Free Track | Darren Styles – Outta My Head (Nakura Remix)| 2010




This is a pretty cool remix. Nakura: “My remix of Darren Style,s “Outta My Head”. I decided to give this track a bit of a old school and bouncy feel too it by giving it a nice stab sample and a bouncy bassline and lead melody.” You can listen to more of Nakura’s stuff over on SoundCloud. This track was also featured on the very recent ‘Hardcore Producer Vol. 2 – Future Of Hardcore’ album. More details on that album coming very, very soon.

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Podcast | Make Believe Records Podcast – Episode One | 23.04.11.


Make Believe Records


Brand new podcast here. Make Believe Records are personally one of my favourite labels at the moment. Andy Dee is doing great things. Top quality hardcore, and almost all of it is the uplifting style that I love. Some cracking tunes featured in this very first edition of the Make Believe Records Podcast. Enjoy.

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Ekkotekk – Pikachu | 24.04.11.




“This is a new track from myself (Archefluxx) and DJ Ozmium. This track is an upfront style track, with a very happy melodic vibe. The track is entitiled ‘Pikachu’, and features plenty of Pika sounds and Pokemon samples. I’ve had to watch a whole lot of anime to get the samples lol.” Continue reading

Free Tracks | StrifeII Bundle – Five Free Tracks | April 2011


StrifeII Bundle - Five Free Tracks


This is pretty special. Those of you that are already familiar with StrifeII will have been very excited by the title of this post. And those of you that aren’t familiar with him, you are about to find out why the people that are, have just becoming excited. Five fantastic tracks here. A blend of Breakbeat Hardcore, DnB and Liquid DnB. Who remembers the opening track on Entity’s mix of Crush On Hardcore 4? Well, that was this guy, and the track was called Enough. What a genuinely epic track, that was. If you find all this very interesting and want to hear some more, head over to StrifeII’s SoundCloud.

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