DJ Mix | Prospect – Uproar Promo Mix | 29.04.11.




What better way to warm up for tomorrow’s massive Uproar event than a cheeky little mix? Prospect gives you an idea of what you can expect from his set tomorrow. Great stuff.


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Uproar Intro.
Prospect feat. Robbie Hofmann – All My Love
Prospect & Spyro – Famous
Prospect – Party Harder
Karen Danzig – Hurry Now (Prospect Remix)
Spyro – Silly Bitch
Prospect – Super Mega Death Ray
Prospect – Cant Get Over You (2011 Re-fix)
Prospect & Spyro – Weekend
Peaks & Pinnacle – Afrika (DJ tool)
Spyro – You And Me
Prospect – Vodka Redbull
Hypasonic – Your Love (Prospect Remix)
Prospect – Breakneck (Uproar VIP)
Spyro – Freak
Prospect – Bangin’
Prospect feat. A Girl & A Gun – Fight Club (Instrumental)
Prospect feat. Becci – Driving Me Crazy
Uproar Outro.
Chris Relapse – Massacre (Prospect Remix)


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