Free Track | Hybridize Digital – Two Free Tracks | 29.05.11.




Two new tacks courtesy of the extraordinarily productive Hybridize label. These two are just about Freeform. But it’s a fine line between Freeform & Hard Dance/Trance. Good tracks, none the less. The first is Unhola, by Epyx & Cyrez, and the second is a Guld remix of the same track. Enjoy.

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Album | Hardcore Elements: Mixed By Sc@r & Uplift | 27.05.11.


Hardcore Elements


“Sc@r & Uplift from massive London imprint Raw Elements present this exclusive double mix of underground hardcore beats, with tracks from vocal to dark, and from uplifting to hard & twisted. With a mix each, they feature tracks from Sy & Unknown, Recon, Breeze & Styles, Luna-C, Billy “Daniel” Bunter & Peacemaker, Fracus & Darwin as well as a number of tracks from the London duo in their own distinct style. These are the tracks that Sc@r & Uplift have been smashing all over the UK and around the world this year as they bring their own unique flavour of hardcore to Can You Feel It Media. Hardcore Elements!”

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Free Track | Skyler & Core-Station – Angel (Holy Mix) | 25.05.11




Skyler (Netherlands) and Core-Station (Croatia) team-up to bring us this atmospheric gem. Core-Station is heavily involved with the running and development of a site and group called Full Panic Trance (or, FTP). It’s a collection of artists from a range of EDM genres. Make sure you check out their site (link below) for a load of tunes.

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