Free Track | DJ Stormtrooper – Three Tracks | 05.05.11.


DJ Stormtrooper


Unfortunately, no, Stormtrooper has not returned to the scene. Sorry. But to alleviate your disappointment, here’s three crackers he gave away before he left the scene back in 2009 (I think?) after a ruckas with Supreme (DJ Supreme, not the Supreme Court).

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Live Set | Brisk – Live @ Uproar | 01.05.11.




Brisk is such a legend when it comes to getting sets up and available. I don’t know another DJ that takes the time to do it – at least not one of his reputation. Anyways, that’s enough arse licking for now. This set is pooowwwweeerful stuff. Get involved. Oh, and check out these links, too: SoundCloud, and NextGen website.

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