DJ Mix | Hoodzie & MC Steal – Debut Mix | 18.05.11.


Hoodzie & MC Steal


Good mix from the always impressive Hoodzie. MC Steal will need an introduction though. I’ll let Hoodzie do the honours: “As of this week I have now teamed up with MC Steal. We will now be pushing ourselves as a partnership in the Hardcore scene doing regular mixes and also getting in the studio together to bang out some tracks! If you haven’t heard of MC Steal then you are missing out, this guy has the energy I’ve been looking for in an MC for a while now, and look forward to working in the studio and on the stage with him. Expect some big things from us in the near future as we aim to rock a dance floor near you very soon ;)”.

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Podcast | The CLSM Podcast – Episode One | 20.05.11.


The CLSM Podcast - Episode One


Breakbeat Hardcore fan? Then this is most definitely going to please you. To coincide with the launch of their refurbished MP3 store, CLSM has decided to start a podcast series: “Most of the tunes will be breakbeat hardcore, which will encompass a wide range of influences such as our more well-known styles of old skool and ravey stuff right through to freeform, drum n bass and dubstep”. This is good, good stuff.

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Free Track | Spirit Wolf – Metal Gear | 21.05.11.


Metal Gear


“A remix of the MGS2 theme with a haunting vocal, full orcestral breakdown and the general freeform madness. Enjoy!”. Another demonstration of why this dude is fast becoming one of my favourite unsigned producers. His stuff is outrageously good. Metal Gear is no exception.

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