Free Track | Pathogen – Move Your Body | 23.05.11.




Brand new track from Pathogen. Absolutely love this one. Nice strong kick and bass, with a cheeky old skool feel to it. I reckon this one will appeal to fans of all styles of hardcore. Really, really good track. Have a listen, see what ya think.

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News | Direct Downloads | 24.05.11.


Hardcore Highlights


If you’ve read the post about the new Breaking Free album, and subsequently downloaded the free Ponder track, you will have noticed that when you clicked the usual orange download icon, the download started straight away, and you weren’t whisked off to like usual. I have been in talks with the owner of, and he has agreed to allow me to use direct links from now on. All of the tracks and mixes will still be hosted on the site, but it won’t be necessary for you to visit the site in order to download all of the lovely tracks that I post on here. Not the biggest news story in the world, but hopefully you all appreciate it, and I’m happy that downloading free Hardcore has become even easier for you now.

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Free Track & News | Breaking Free: Ponder – Echoes From The Abyss | 23.05.11.


Breaking Free


Enormous news. From the people that brought us the extraordinary Crush On Hardcore series comes a new album project. The project is called Breaking Free, and is a downloadable, double CD album mixed by Ponder & Wizbit, focusing on Breakbeat Hardcore and Drum & Bass. This album will be available for free download in August 2011. In the build-up to the album’s release, various free tracks will be released, and you can get bet ya boots that I’ll be getting them on here straight away.

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