News | Direct Downloads | 24.05.11.


Hardcore Highlights


If you’ve read the post about the new Breaking Free album, and subsequently downloaded the free Ponder track, you will have noticed that when you clicked the usual orange download icon, the download started straight away, and you weren’t whisked off to like usual. I have been in talks with the owner of, and he has agreed to allow me to use direct links from now on. All of the tracks and mixes will still be hosted on the site, but it won’t be necessary for you to visit the site in order to download all of the lovely tracks that I post on here. Not the biggest news story in the world, but hopefully you all appreciate it, and I’m happy that downloading free Hardcore has become even easier for you now.

I will make an effort to go back and change the links (replacing the existing ones with new, direct links) for as many of the tracks and mixes as I possibly can – starting off with the more popular tracks. It’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to replace all of them though, as there are simply so many. Especially when you consider that there are two links for every track – one for the actual blog post, and then an equivalent one on the Free Track Archive page.

Rarely do I post something without including some tunage, and although it’s nothing tangible, I will link you to Beats For The Planet is one of the most popular Drum & Bass blogs on the net, and it also happens to be owned by the same guy that owns It’s updated on a daily basis, and focuses mainly on DJ mixes. Why not head over? You might find something you like.


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