DJ Mix | DJ Midas – The “I’m Sorry Virgin Media Suck Balls” Mix | 04.06.11.


Raw Elements


This is DJ Midas’ Raw Elements replacement mix from last Thursday – when his internet died for four hours just as he was about to go live on Krafty Radio, hence the name of the mix. I’ve literally just finished listening to it – great mix.

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Free Track | Darren Styles – Outta My Head (Seb Narcotic Remix) | 29.05.11.


Darren Styles


This will be popular, no doubt. Seb Narcotic’s remix of Styles’ hugely popular Outta My Head is “a total floor filler of mine, tried and testing at events all over the UK”. I can definitely see that.

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Free Track | Audio Warfare – 4Just1Day (2011) | 02.06.11.


Audio Weaponry


Audio Warfare decided to give last year’s effort a bit of a face-lift: “Wanted to use this in a mix and decided to re-work it a bit. Still the same tune but with some different sounds used and a few tweaks here and there. Oh… and it’s 5 bpm faster. 😉 Minor changes but thought it was worth sharing the new version!”. Even if you’ve got the first one, definitely grab this one as well. Loving the new kick. Great work.

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