Radio Show | Pulse – The Free Of Form Show Guest Mix | 30.06.11.


Pulse - The Free Of Form Show Guest Mix


Manage to get my hands on one of the Free Of Form Show guest mixes every now and again, and this time it’s Hungarian Freeform DJ and producer Pulse that’s made his set available. Very nice indeed, actually.


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01 – Eufeion,Denile & E-Vade – Nu Sensation (Pulse remix) (Vacuum Music CD010/C)
02 – Denile Vs Pulse – Twisted Minds (original mix) (Vacuum Music TBC)
03 – Jerv and Hoj – Funky Shit (Pulse Remix) (Vacuum Music CD011/B)
04 – Pulse – Mind Kontrol (Original mix) (Vacuum Music CD015/A “The Pulse EP”)
05 – Shox – Lost (Pulse Remix) (Sinthetic Records Whites SW024D)
06 – Firefly – Equinox (Pulse Remix) (F/C Audio Weaponry)
07 – Pulse – Lost in Beats (original mix) (Vacuum Music CD015/B “The Pulse EP”)
08 – SM – Ripkord (Vacuum Music CD014/B)
09 – Firefly vs Pulse – Crazy Pills (CD-R)
10 – DJ Viper – Emergency Siren (Smetz Remix) (Vacuum Music CD001/B)
11 – Eufeion and Denile – In The Club (Pulse Remix) (Vacuum Music CD010/D)
12 – Denile & Eufeion – Glam Rock (Vacuum Music CD010/A)


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