Free Track | Triquatra – Adagio | 29.05.11.




Here’s a track from one of my buddies on the forums. Doesn’t produce too much, but I reckon this is really impressive. Here’s what the man himself had to say about it: “A Bootleg of an older trance track (no, not Adagio For Strings, thats already been done!). The first minute or so is a bit dodgy, the rest of it i’m quite happy with! Bragging rights to those who guess the original, uber bragging rights to those who guess the original AND where the movie quotes were taken from!”

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Free Track | Elliot X-Ell – Nothing Can Stay Forever (2011) | 12.07.11.


Elliot X-Ell


More tunage from production machine Elliot X-Ell, this time some original material. A little bit different from his usual stuff. Less melodic and drifty, more punchy. Good tune. Oh, almost forgot to mention – he’s done a Hands Up remix as well.

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