DJ Mix | Dark-Lite & DMR – The Set You Need On A Sesh Set! | 16.07.11.


Quarantine Recordings


Definitely give this a bash if you’re a fan of the harder stuff. I’ve personally only been getting into Gabber very recently – and I massively enjoyed this set/mix. Recorded live at the Quarantined Studios.


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01. Noisecontrollerz – Unite (Tha Playah Remix)
02. Rayden – Ultimate Bastard (Dj Junama Remix)
03. Alpha2 & Wildstylerz Twins – Atrocious (Kasparov Remix)
04. Korsakoff – Unrivaled (Re-Style Remix)
05. Destructive Dendencies – Smack My Pitch Up
06. Mekanika – No Music
07. Destructive Tendencies – La La La
08. DJ D – Cold As Ice (Tha Playah Remix)
09. Mad Dog – B.O.B.
10. Mad Dog & Anime – Hardcore Machine
11. The Stunned Guys & Amnesys – Symphony Of Sins
12. Traxtorm Ganstaz Alied – The Hardest
13. Angerfist & Tieum – Just Know
14. Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Remix)
15. Neophyte – New Shit


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