DJ Mix | SPIT – 2011 Showcase Mix – Part 1 | June 2011




Part one of SPIT’s 2011 showcase mix series. Despite SPIT being a bit of a favourite of mine, I actually haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet. To my understanding, though, there’s quite a bit of the minimal stuff involved. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but good on the lad for producing what he really enjoys.


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01. SPIT – Brain Dance [Lethal Theory]
02. SPIT – Spit Rock 2011 [Executive Records]
03. SPIT – Stanley [SPAT! Free]
04. SPIT – Stay With Me [SPAT!]
05. SPIT – Dial Again [24/7 Fresh]
06. SPIT – We Got You [24/7 Fresh]
07. SPIT – Jump the Club [SPAT!]
08. SPIT – Stay Alive


Previously featured SPIT items:

Lumin8 – Here With Me (SPIT 2010 Remix) | January 2011


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