Free Album | 7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 2 | 11.07.11.


7 Dimensions Of Euphoria 2


“7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria is back! With a very successful launch with Volume 1, which had well over 500 downloads, Volume 2 is here to beat that number! Keeping with the diversity of the first volume, 7D 2 will feature 7 amazing genres you would never see together in a compilation album! Breaks, Electro, Uplifting Trance, Dubstep, 90s Hardcore, J-Core, and UK Hardcore come together to bring you this fantastic album available to download for FREE!”


7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 2 (Continuous Mix)


7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 2 (Split Tracks)





Album information, DJ’s and tracklists:


Mix 1 – DJ Joe Rowe (Canada): Breaks
Great Britain Hardstyle, Trance Gold Records, Peroxide Produxtions

Signed to Great Britain Hardstyle Records and Trance Gold Records, Joe Rowe is known for his tight mixing skills and energy behind the decks. This 2 time DJ comp winner has been rocking dance floors for years with a career spanning over 200 gigs in 4 countries and counting! Over the years Joe has had the opportunity to play alongside the likes of Entity, Mat the Alien, UFO, Dutch Master, Delirium, Billy Daniel Bunter, Rob Gee, Delta 9, Stephan Grondin, Manu Le Malin, Luke Spellbound, and thats just to name a few! Expect this mix to be full of choons, choons, and more choons!



01. Colombo – Summit
02. Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo (Ludmilla, Beatman Remix)
03. Hironlmus Bosch – Shit Kicker (Quadrat Beat Remix)
04. Houserocka, Curtis B – Ka Tako Grill Complextro
05. Radiactive-X – The Light In The Darkness
06. Colombo – Everybody
07. Guau – 3D
08. Retroid – Last Seraphim (Peter Paul Remix)
09. Curtis B – Who’s Stoppin’
10. Viper X, Destroyers – Black Smoke
11. HedFlux – Revolve
12. Blazer – Robotek




Mix 2 – Archefluxx (UK): UK Hardcore

Archefluxx is a British UK Hardcore producer and DJ. Having kicked off in 2008, Archefluxx has clocked a number of popular free releases with many more on the way. In his music, there are always indications that they inspired by a mid-2000’s style. There are often fast and melodic drops, and dreamy breakdowns. Archefluxx is destined to bring a very melodic and uplifting mix. Archefluxx introduction to hardcore came about when as a teenager, he discovered trance through the commercial medium. After exploring the genre, and seeking the more melodic and uplifting tracks, his tastes got harder and faster until he discovered Bonkers, and thus Hardcore. Having always been interested in tweaking and playing with music, it was a matter of time before Archefluxx were to write and make hardcore himself. His determination and passion has taken him to the present day where his music has been complimented by the likes of Gammer.



01. Kesean Beat – Tea Time (Archefluxx Remix)
02. Ultravibes – Rockin ‘
03. Re-Con – God’s Child
04. Skampy – (Don’t Make Me Get) OldSkool (Jerv Remix)
05. Scott Brown – Viroid (Nu Foundation Remix)
06. Seduction & Gammer – Put Ya Hands Up
07. Whizzkid and Gammer- Scream
08. A.M.S. – Show Me The Way
09. Entity – Stargazer (Kevin Energy Remix)
10. Archefluxx – Systemization
11. Kesean Beat & The Archetype – Skylight
12. Archefluxx & Kesean Beat – Heartbleed
13. Dougal & Gammer – 2 Turntables
14. 4orce DJ – Warning




Mix 3 – Brian K (USA): 90’s Hardcore/Bouncy Techno
Hardcore High

Brian got his first exposure to hardcore as a foreign exchange student to Holland in ’94 and has been hooked ever since. The very next year he hosted an exchange student from Edinburgh, Scotland who exposed him to all the Scottish had to offer in hardcore & bouncy techno. After attending many parties at home he finally decided to hit the decks himself. In ’98 he started out as a gabber DJ primarily playing dutch hardcore under the name Dark Matter. After hearing the happier sounds coming out of England he began adding those to his repertoire. In 2002 he teamed up with his good friend and Indiana’s first jungalist DJ K9 to form Hardcore High School or Hardcore High for short. The goal of the duo was to spread the education of hardcore in that it was more than just eye opener & Shooting Star or the other extreme of “angry” hardcore/gabber. Since he started DJing, Brian has spun a wide spectrum of music. From old school rave & acid techno to hard house & drum and bass…but hardcore still finds it’s place in his heart as his favourite.



01. Marc Smith – Boom N’ Pow (Marc Smith Remix)
02. Ni-Cad – Brainwash (Scott Brown’s Twisted Vinyl Remix)
03. Technosis – Energize (Scott Brown Remix)
04. Q-tex – Get On The Floor
05. Bass X – Hardcore Creators
06. Q-tex – Equation Part 4
07. Renegade & Static – We’ll Delete The Weak (Scott Brown Remix)
08. Scott Brown – Rock That Body
09. Genaside – Tooty Fruity
10. Q-tex vs Technosis – Kaos
11. Davie Forbes – Fallout
12. Seduction – Disco Hardcore
13. Search & Destroy – Deep In The Underground
14. Quicksilver – Bellisima (Silk Cuts Remix)
15. Chill FM – Strobelight (Technotrance Remix)
16. Subsource – Hardcore Euphoria (Bacardi & Cola Mix)
17. Bass X – Morphine
18. Daydream & Maddy – Banana Bash
19. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Wonderful Days (Trance Mix)




Mix 4 – Dubldrop (Canada): Dubstep
Capital Bass Culture, Alien Witchcraft, Bass Invaders,

Driven by his passion for mixing and armed with an arsenal of bass, he is known for droppinga relentless assault of the heaviest tracks he can find. Combined with an unmatched energy behind the decks, his burning drive to make every mix flawless, and a natural ability to work a crowd, Dubldrop has quickly made a name for himself in Ottawa and its surrounding area.Dubldrop currently has a spot on a weekly radio show, does frequent shows on UStream and holds a residency with Capital Bass Culture. This Dubstep filled mix will have you wanting more and more!!



01. SPL & Triage – Valhalla
02. Noisia – Split The Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
03. Biometrix – Bassline Skanker
04. Datsik & Funtcase – Brock Out
05. Presence Known & Vista – Cataclysm
06. Itchy Robot – Ape Shit ft. Messinian
07. Liquid Stranger – Blood Suckers feat. MC Shells
08. Liquid Stranger – Rocket Fuel
09. Axis – Almost Home
10. Regz – Newstyle
11. Ajapai – Brain
12. Vaski – Terror Dome VIP
13. Vaski – Just Like That VIP
14. Excision & Datsik – Boom (SkisM’s Got A Big Boomstick Remix)
15. Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger (Bar9 Remix)
16. Bar 9 – Shaolin Style (Nero Remix)
17. Dave Dialect – Maken Em Speakers Bang
18. Chrispy – Find Your Zen
19. Chrispy – Bonkers (Dubstep Remix)
20. Chrispy – Kung Fu King
21. Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Marcus Visionary Remix)
22. Nero – Innocence
23. Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses (DJ Wire Remix)
24. Crimps & Cotcha – The Art of Combat
25. Downlink – Gamma Ray Burst
26. Downlink – Deep Space
27. Datsik – Hydraulic




Mix 5 – DJ Mumbles (Canada): Uplifting Trance

A Toronto, Ontario based Dj, Dj Mumbles as been in the music scene for years and years. Mumbles ran his own online record store and record label known as Mumbles Hip Hop Records from January 2003 to the end of 2008. The online store consisted of the sale of Hip Hop CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and gear. Mumbles Hip Hop Records also formed into a record label releasing a total of 8 releases on CD and Vinyl format and was also able to obtain worldwide distribution through FatBeats Distribution (NYC) and Crosstalk Chicago. And now, currently runs a podcast called “Trancefixion” reaching listeners around the world playing a variety of Trance to Progressive House mixes. He also releases 2 mix series “Let’s Play House” (Disco to Electro House) and “I Know You Got Soul” (Soulful House). This Uplifting Trance music will fill your soul with joy!



01.Jason van Wyk & Dreamquest vs. Armin Van Buuren – Imagine Status Excessu D (DJ Mumbles Mashup)
02. Sneijder – Checkpoint
03. James Williams – Daybreak (Original Mix)
04. Dave Cold – Black Sun (Original Mix)
05. Brian Flinn – Spider (Original Mix)
06. Ronald De Foe – This Is My Way (Kaan Demirel V 2.0 Remix)
07. Garry Heaney – Hitman
08. Dmitry Bessonov – Equator (Trance Arts Remix)
09. Jorn van Deynhoven & Manuel Le Saux – Nardo (Manuel Le Saux Mix)
10. Binary Finary – 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)




Mix 6 – DJ Midli (Canada): J-Core

When avid EDM junkie DJ Midli attended his first rave at an Anime convention, he noticed something he didnt like, there was no mixing track to track, no DJ pumping up the crowd energy. He continued to see this trend convention to convention, motivated to buck this trend and inject some proper hype into convention raves DJ Midli took up the call of the decks. Since then DJ Midlis smashed the local convention scene raves at N2U and G-Anime, and filled the radio airwaves with J-euro,J-core, Eurobeat and anything nerdy with a beat, through guest appearances on CKCU Fms Friday night/Saturday Morning radio show Japan Link.



01. RMX Chaos Japan
02. Black Man IEVAN POLKKA
03. Misa – So So (Overhead Champion Mix)
04. NR-X – DonKuixote (Palace of Discount)
05. 嘀漀㨀䰀甀ⴀ渀愀; – 君色マスタースパーク
06. REDALiCE ft.野宮あゆみ – Crazy Full Moon
07. Shot Music – Realize (JAKAZiD’s UKJ-core Realization)
08. Chum – 創聖のアクエリオン
09. Shot Music – 魂響 (JAKAZiD’s AKABEi HARD5 Remix)
10. DJ Depath – Pulse Vision
11. M-Project – Get Naked (Massive Remix)
12. Tanuki – Genesis of Donkuarion (UK Hardcore Ver.)
13. DJ Sharpnel – Flower forever
14. Tc-ma_007 -繝・け繝阪メ繧ヲ繝
15. Tanuki – Merii Kurisumasu Mrs. Flawrence
16. Cis-Trance – U.N.I[G???^H (Jumper Makina Mix)
17. DJ Shimamura – ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜) (DJ Shimamura Remix)
18. Unlimited Spark! feat. 鈴木ななこ -嗾渀氀椀洀椀琀攀搀
19. DJ Doll`s Renassiance – NEGIMANIAX




Mix 7 – D.N1lsson (Canada): Electro
Imaginary Rainbow Syndicate

His very first year in the Dj scene, and he shows no signs of ever stopping. Since his first gig, D.N1lsson has been on stage week after week, after week! Known for his wide variety of genres, this mix will have plenty of surprises in store! It will keep you fascinated until the very end!



01. Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Mix) (Alex Prigenzi Edit)
02. Feed Me – Pink Lady (Original Mix)
03. Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso Remix)
04. Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
05. Kryder – K2 (Original Mix)
06. Mumbai Science – Lotus (Original Mix)
07. Lucky Date – I Love The Way You Move (Original Mix)
08. Housemeister – nBaxx (feat. Boys Noize)
09. Fake ID – Parameter
10. Highbloo – Bro Code
11. NAPT – Emotion (Reset! Remix)
12. D.I.M & Tai – Ion (Original Mix)
13. Nobody Beats The Drum – Poisson Vert (Shameboy remix)
14. StereoHeroes – Longshot (NEUS Remix)
15. Feed Me – To The Stars
16. Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix)
17. Mustard Pimp feat. Jimmy Urine – Money Shot
18. Blatta & Inesha – Basso Grasso (Mightyfools Remix)
19. Michael Woods – VMS (Original Mix)
20. Lazy Rich – Get Out feat. Lizze Curious (Darth & Vader Remix)
21. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Ken C Remix)
22. Drivepilot – Ruthless




Bonus Material: 13 Unmixed Archefluxx Tracks


01. Archefluxx – Eliza’s Journey
02. Archefluxx – Laddergoat
03. Archfluxx – Scratch!
04. Archefluxx – Track One
05. DJ Kiseki – Afterlife (Archefluxx Remix)
06. DJ Triex – Shinsengumi (Archefluxx Remix)
07. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Archefluxx Remix)
08. Ekkotekk – Pikachu
09. Ekkotekk – Psycho Hardcore Dog-Man Rage
10. Kesean Beat & Tweaken – ADHD (Archefluxx Remix)
11. Naturatech – Chewbacca (Archefluxx Remix)
12. Scott Brown – Lost Generation (Archefluxx Remix)
13. Spirit Wolf – Falling For You (Archefluxx Remix)




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7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria | 12.04.11.


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