DJ Mix | DJ Toi – The Appealing Tracklist Mix | 12.06.11.


DJ Toi - The Appealing Tracklist Mix


I know I said I wouldn’t feature my own mixes after I posted the Jay’s Bootleg Mix a few months ago, but it’s my site and I can do what I want. I won’t make a habit of it, just very occasionally. So, I whacked this out about a month ago. It was the result of my first bulk-new-tunes-purchase in a long while (due to the budget I’m on at the moment, travelling around Asia). Again, it was done using Virtual DJ, but from a listener’s perspective, I don’t think it makes too much of a difference. Continue reading

DJ Mix | DJ D-tor B2B ill.no1z – Keepin’ It Clean | 12.07.11.


DJ D-tor B2B illno1z - Keepin' It Clean


This is 100 minute mix from DJ D-tor and ill.no1z. DJ D-tor is a massive supporter of the site, and is a good buddy of mine over on the Forums. As a way of repaying his loyalty, I’ve decided to feature his recent mix. It’s actually very fucking good, so I heavily recommend you get downloading. If you want your mix featured, send me an e-mail with a download link. I will be introducing Member’s Mondays soon, and will try and feature anything that people take the time to send to me. You can find the e-mail address on the Contact Us page.

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Free Track | Gavin G. – Cheated | 18.07.11.


Hardcore Reunited 2


Two tracks in two days from Gavin G. Both tracks featured on albums from a a good few years back. This one is Cheated, and it was on the massively underrated Hardcore Reunited 2 album. You can still get copies of this album from the likes of Amazon etc. Well worth it if you ask me. Again, though, this is only a 256kbps file.

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