DJ Mix | DJ D-tor B2B ill.no1z – Keepin’ It Clean | 12.07.11.


DJ D-tor B2B illno1z - Keepin' It Clean


This is 100 minute mix from DJ D-tor and ill.no1z. DJ D-tor is a massive supporter of the site, and is a good buddy of mine over on the Forums. As a way of repaying his loyalty, I’ve decided to feature his recent mix. It’s actually very fucking good, so I heavily recommend you get downloading. If you want your mix featured, send me an e-mail with a download link. I will be introducing Member’s Mondays soon, and will try and feature anything that people take the time to send to me. You can find the e-mail address on the Contact Us page.


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01. D-tor – Doom Intro
02. Pump Estate – Keep It Dirty [Flammable Records – FLMB002-1]
03. Marc Smith – H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E.(Are U Ready?) [Notorious Vinyl – NOTV008]
04. FireFarm & Kevin Energy – Beaker Face [Kevin Energy Presents My Rave]
05. Gammer vs Shoujo Jidai – Rippin’ vs The Great Escape (Fauxami Mashup) [FREE]
06. Skyz – I Love Hardcore [FREE]
07. T.A.T.U. – All The Things She Said (Elliot X-Ell Remix) [FREE]
08. Fracus & Darwin vs. Michael Mansion – Comin’ Down [Balancing Act]
09. nnn – Kick The Pokeball [FREE]
10. Helblinde – Ring of Death [FREE]
11. Rik Arkitech – Fulla Culture [A-Tech – A-TECH01Y]
12. Fangbanger – Bad Things [Make Beleive Records – FREE]
13. Cheddar Zone – A Can Fly (Cruze & Frikshon Remix) [Trackmaster Music – Free]
14. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Darwin Remix) [Hardcore Underground – FREE]
15. Sc@r – Bad Dreams [Raw Elements – ELEM036]
16. Triex – Shinsengumi (Mr. Mann Remix) [PROMO]
17. TrW – A.B. & Douglas [Nu Energy Records – NUNRG095-3]
18. Nick 235 – Close Your Eyes (Exclusive Hardcore Energy Mix) [Hardcore Energy 2]
19. Kevin Energy & K Complex – Suck My Rock (Original Mix) [Kevin Energy Presents My Rave]
20. ToyCo – We’re So Far Away [FREE]
21. Cat Like Thief – It Starts With A Whisper (Nu Foundation Remix) [FREE]
22. Nu Foundation – In Your Head [Hardcore Underground – HUDIGI024]
23. The Enigma TNG – Galactronic (Core-Station Remix) [PROMO]
24J .B-C & Macca – Angry Theme [Strictly For The Purist Presents Real Talk]
25. DJ D?S – Where Angels Fear To Tread [FREE]
26. Alex BassJunkie – My Boy Lollipop (Original Mix) [Vacuum Music – VAC017]




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