DJ Mix | DJ DMS – Mid 2000’s Mix | 30.07.11.




With a career in music spanning almost eight decades, persistent rumours of a slew of celebrity romances (most notably, and recently, with Dame Judi Dench), an alleged co-conspirator in the dubious demise of Princess Diana, continued episodes of substance misuse and a passion for Horticulture, rarely do DJ’s come as weathered as this man. It’s even been suggested that the idea behind the film Inception came from a vivid hallucination that DMS experienced on day three of a failed attempt to break the world record for longest continuous DJ mix, which remains intact at 86 hours. Despite the grotesque picture that this biography paints, the man certainly has impeccable taste in Hardcore. As the title subtly suggests, this a mix consisting of tracks from the middle of the naughties era. It’s a quality tracklist, and a quality mix. Don’t miss this one.

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