News | Forthcoming Album – Hardcore Addiction 5 | Released: October 2011


Hardcore Addiction 5


“Hardcore Addiction is back baby! Volume 5!

The biggest (UK/Happy) Hardcore DJ’s on the internet! Hot off their Hardcore Addiction US tour, Aussie DJ’s Cotts & Ravine have put together and mixed some of their favorite tunes on this fully licensed new release in the series!

If you’ve purchased previous volumes we haven’t skimped, the DJ mixes and Ravine’s scratching is pure ear candy that will have jumping around the room, the artwork is amazing, the CD is specially sealed and includes a double sided artwork Japanese Obi (spine card).

The price is still the same as previous volumes and as per usual we have made discounted bundle packs incase you’ve been waiting to pick up the series!


Check out the artwork and tracklist below, the pre-order page is up now and we’ll be shipping in Oct 2011! ”


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01. SPIT – Dial again
02. DJ Shimamura – Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long
03. Al Storm – Shadows (DJ Seduction Remix)
04. DJ Bishop – Darkest knight
05. SPIT – Spit Rock 2011
06. Steven Davidson – Killa
07. JTS ft. Lisa Marie – I Told You
08. Sam B – Let’s go
09. Orbit1 – Orbit 2000
10. Peaks & Pinnacle – Techno Club
11. SPIT – What You Think
12. Tom Revolution & Sc@r – Into The Night
13. Al Storm & Euphony ft. Donna Marie – Runaway (Mike Modulate Remix)
14. Douglas – Send Me (Stabilize remix)
15. Scott & Douglas – Naked Angel (Rave Mix)
16. Audien & Naggy – I’m Back
17. Little Fella – Start The Party (A.B’s Electro Boom Remix)
18. Andy Dee Vs Sc@r – Give It Up
19. PARANOiD DJ – Fish Sticks
20. Inverse & Orbit1 – Lethal Industry
21. Nick Fluid – Sock It To Me
22. JAKAZiD – Hear The Crowd Go
23. Uplift & Sc@r – Your Destiny
24. S3RL – Bass Slut
25. Firefly – Sunflower (Sam B Remix)



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