Album | DJ Shimamura – Electronix | 24.08.11.


DJ Sjimamura - Electronix


Electronix is an artist album from DJ Shimamura. Fifteen tracks of UK Hardcore and J-Core. I’ve had a listen to most of the samples, and there are some seriously good tracks on this album. Well, well worth investing in if you ask me. All of the clips are available below, and there’s even a mini-mix of selected tracks from DJ Cotts.




DJ Shimamura

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DJ Shimamura


01. DJ Shimamura – Install (Hardcore Just 4 U)
02. DJ Shimamura ft. Yui Sakakibara – Sunrize
03. DJ Shimamura ft. Yukacco – Like A Rainbow
04. DJ Shimamura – The Jams
05. DJ Shimamura ft. Yui Sakakibara – Especially! (Hardcore VIP Mix)
06. DJ Shimamura ft. Rakutensai – Attack!!!
07. DJ Shimamura – Real Slow
08. Energize – Renegade Slammer (Album Edit)
09. DJ Shimamura ft. MC RALLY – Drum ‘N’ Raveee (Album Mix)
10. Enjo-G No – I Love You (DJ Shimamura VIP Mix)
11. DJ Shimamura ft. MC RALLY – Soldier (2011 Update)
12. DJ Shimamura – Universe (Piano Ambiance Edit)
13. DJ Shimamura ft. Yukacco – Dazzling!
14. DJ Shimamura – Match 2 Match
15. DJ Shimamura – Uninstall




Track Samples




DJ Cotts Mini-Mix




5 responses to “Album | DJ Shimamura – Electronix | 24.08.11.

    • Sorry dude, this one isn’t free. That’s why there are the Buy links in the description. I do occasionally push standard albums as well. I like to add a bit of news and stuff, as well as just circulating free tracks.

      If Shimamura was giving out a free album, I doubt this site is the first place you’d be hearing about it!

      Sorry if I got your hopes up 😦

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