Free Album | 7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 3 | 19.11.11.


7D The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria 3


“Your favorite dimension has come back! 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 3 is the latest installment of the ever so popular series 7D. For this volume, 7D would like to welcome the new faces, some of its favorite faces, and how about some unreleased material? As always, 7D is about not just one genre, but about all of them. In this installment of 7D you will see a wide variety of genres which include Drum N Bass, Electro House, Electro-Industrial/Aggrotech, Hardcore, Freeform, and Gabber! This edition has the biggest lineup yet, and will certainly be very enjoyable!”




7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria

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7D: The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria

7D: The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria 2




Album information, DJ’s and tracklists:


Mix 1 – Audio Warfare (UK): Hardcore
Audio Weaponry

Audio Warfares involvement with the rave scene started as many peoples do, travelling up and down the country to parties in fields, warehouses and squats as well as the big legal events such as Slammin Vinyl, United Dance, Raindance and Helter Skelter. In these early days he found his feet playing Trancecore/Freeform, Breaks and a mixture of Hard Dance music at illegal raves, later co-founding the Evolution sound system which put on raves in the London Oxford area.

In 2005 he decided to turn his hand to production and having always been a lover of all things Hardcore, that was the obvious direction to move in. Influenced by the old 90s sound he grew up with, the newer sounds that emerged in the 2000s and the variety of genres represented in the UKs underground rave scene, he formed a driving, energetic sound that fused elements from many different genres of Rave music both old and new.

Fast forwarding to present day he is now the owner of Hardcore and Freeform label Audio Weaponry, which was set up as a platform for his own productions as well as those of other talented up and coming Hardcore artists. With his material being played at massive events such as HTID and Slammin Vinyl, tracks on several CD compilations including 100% Hardcore and Till Death Us Do Part and a whole host of releases on both Trackmaster and of course Audio Weaponry he has now started to make his mark in the Hardcore scene.



01. Darts – The Day Will Come (Intro Mix) [Promo]
02. Audio Warfare – Hypnosis [Electronica Exposed]
03. Freefall & No Sweat – Who The Hell [Promo]
04. Anthem Power (Esline Onit & Tempo) – So Sweet [Trackmaster Music]
05. Audio Warfare – Dr Wily (2011 VIP) [Promo]
06. N-Sane – Change The Way You Kiss Me [Promo]
07. Darts – Changes [Promo]
08. Audio Warfare & Spirit Wolf ft. Kathy – Wont You Realise [F/C Trackmaster Music]
09. Audio Warfare – Jack Attack [Audio Weaponry]
10. Audio Warfare – Fake Puke [F/C Audio Weaponry]
11. 3star – The Truth [F/C 3Form Records]
12. D-Linquants – Drill Test [Envious Hardcore]
13. Audio Warfare – The Velvet Room [Electronica Exposed]
14. Firefly – Equinox (Pulse RMX) [F/C Audio Weaponry]
15. Audio Warfare & Dante – Drug Real [F/C Audio Weaponry]
16. Audio Warfare – Nowhere Near [Promo]
17. Audio Warfare – Music Box (SynthWulf RMX) [F/C Trackmaster Music]
18. Rayden – Wild Dreams [Hardcore Blasters]
19. Nosferatu & Endymion – Another Way Up [Enzyme Records]
20. Kasparov – Pitch Black [Neophyte]




Mix 2 – exT (Canada): Gabber

For the past 12 years exT has been making regular appearances in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and his hometown of Ottawa, introducing new audiences to the gabber sound he loves so much. He is truly at the forefront of the Canadian gabber scene, working closely with Kanibalz and Canadian Hardcore Collective on radio shows, exclusive mixes, and some of the biggest gabber events in the country. His reputation is killer tracks, tight mixing, and infectious enthusiasm that lights up the dancefloor. He has prepared for you a 60 minute mix featuring some of his top picks from the past year, and some surprises you are going to love!



01.Endymion & The Viper – Smash
02.Nitrogenics – Intimidation (Miosa Remix)
03.Merkurius – Stronger
04.Nosferatu Ft. Evil Activities – Sick of it All
05.Nitrogenics – Self Offence
06.Hellsystem – The Doctor
07.DJ Mad Dog & Amnesys – Game Over
08.Critical Mass – Burning Love (The Viper Remix)
09.The Melodyst – Clint
10.Kasparov – Pitch Black
11.Rayden – Wild Dreams
12.Catscan – Divine Area
13.Miosa – Destination Heaven
14.Mekanika – No Music
15.Art of Fighters – IFTK
16.Ruffneck & Synapse – Reign of Chaos (Step Edit)
17.Ruffneck & Miss Twilight – Exploit
18.Sei2ure – Rocket Salad
19.The Viper & Neophyte – Coming Home
20.Art of Fighters – Oh My Sun




Mix 3 – I.D.E, Mister Mystic & The Dubplate Professor (Canada): Drum & Bass

I.D.E.,, School Of Bass,

Team leader at School of Bass, a bar event held three times a month at Brixtons British Pub in Ottawa, the I.D.E keeps the Canadian DrumN Bass Djs busy with his events. He also broadcasts a weekly show, The Sounds of the I.D.E every Tuesday night on

His roots stands within the liquid funk spectrum and enjoys blending both extremes through modern, hard bass lines. Seriously addicted to the entire Drum N Bass genre, he simply cant get enough of it.

He also supports, a free mix hosting site owned by networks. Get a glimpse of his taste through his lessons on his podcast page, at

The Dubplate Professor
School of Bass,

A member of the School of Bass Crew, this self-taught DJ has been spinning since 2005. Although still considered a beginner in the DJ world, he has been gaining a steady reputation for bringing pounding beats and awesome tracks to the dance floor. Always bringing a combination of both classic and new bangers to each set, he is definitely becoming someone to lookout for in the scene.

Mister Mystic
School of Bass, Alien Witchcraft

The reincarnation of an ancient jungle wizard, and another member of School of Bass, Mister Mystic first began to discover his true identity in 2007 following prolonged and repeated exposure to the hard beats and savage bass of the rave. As the spirit of the immortal master emerged, he inherited an energetic proficiency with the drum and the bass. He is records-keeper of a powerful library of ancient plates, arcane knowledge he regularly shares with students at the School of Bass. His thunderous barrage is known to summon a torrential downpour, giving the dance floor a proper rinse out.



01.Amorpha – Selectah
02. J Frequency – Bam Bam (2008 Remix)
03. TC – Tap Ho
04. Slum Dogz – Bad VIP
05. Sub Zero – Dodge City VIP
06. Chase & Status – Music Club
07. X Project – Jah Set It
08. Mampi Swift – Roxy
09. Xample & Lomax – Remember
10. Original Sin – Decibel
11. Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Aphrodite’s Original Dub Plate)
12. Benga & Coki – Night (Zinc Mix)
13. Cue – Think Different
14. Foul Play Productions – Maximum Risk
15. Wilkinson – Refugee
16. Click N Cycle – Shabeen
17. E-Z Rollers – Crowd Rocker (Distorted Minds Remix)
18. Aspect – It’s Yours (Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch Remix)
19. Xample & Lomax – Rushin Dragon
20. Enei – Movin’ Fast
21. Total Science feat. Jenna G – Kiss Chase
22. Big Bud – Dunja Dub
23. S.P.Y. feat. Riya – Loneliness
24. Dillinja – Twist ‘Em Out




Mix 4 – DMS (UK): D&B/Hardcore/Gabber

DMS (Dean) has been a DJ and raver since the late 1980’s (yes, he’s that old), when he started out helping a friend with his club residencies plaing Acid house, Hip house and commercial dance. Heavily involved in the early 90’s rave scene, he soon had residencies of his own in clubs and at events in his native North of England – even managing to release a couple of his own tunes on white label.

However, it was when the Happy hardcore scene started to take off that he knew he had found his true love! Despite the scene going through a lot of changes in the intervening years, Dean’s heart still belongs to Hardcore, but with a keen interest in other genres as diverse as Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Makina and the more extreme sounds you can never be quite sure what path a DMS set will take. So sit back, listen and be prepared – cos anything goes!

Personal message from DMS:
Hope you all enjoy my contribution to this amazing series. Big up to everyone involved – long live 7D!



01.Intro. Orson Welles – War of the worlds/Steve Jablonsky – Finally a 0tomorrow
02.Hugs & Drugs – Aw S%it (Original mix)
03.DJ Dominator & Flat T – Nasty
04.Mischief & Mayhem – With Gusto (The Grandad Remix)
05.Drastik Measures – Scatter
06.Syanide & Kaos – Sumone Fe Dead
07.Cerberus – Quick Road to Trouble
08.Feint – Reprise (Original Mix)
09.Archefluxx & Spirit Wolf – Lane 3
10.Gammer & Re-Con – Manjari (Tanuki Remix)
11.Al Storm – All Over Again (Original Mix)
12.Pump estate – Put the bass up (original mix)
13.Stylus & Audiojunkie – Holding on to nothing (Original Mix)
14.Technikore – MF Old Skool
15.JTS, Haze & Zander – Feel that Groove (Original Mix)
16.Dougal & Gammer – Tape Machine
17.Sy & Technikore – The Nerve Centre
18.JB-C – Clubwalker
19.Re-Con & Demand – Like a Rainbow
20.Fretman – Dirty Words
21.Peaks & Pinnacle – Sock rocka
22.Entity – Touch the stars (VIP)
23.Kevin Energy & Nick 235 – Rave Hard
24.DJ D & Nitrogenics – State of the Art
25.Hellsystem – Another World
26.DJ Juanma – Good job
27.Korsakoff & Outblast – Unleash the Beast (Angerfist Remix)
28.Mechanika feat. Hellsystem – Reborn
29.The Royal Philarmonic orchestra – Rule Britannia




Mix 5 – Stray (Australia): Freeform,, freeformaniacs

Stray fell in love with Freeform/Trancecore in 2000. Seeing a lack of variety in the local club scene, he started putting on Hard Dance & Hardcore club nights in 2002, giving local DJs a place to play music that wasn’t heard much in Canberra. After finally getting decks last year, he recently started organizing and playing as part of the Freeformaniacs Radio Show on on Thursdays, allowing underground Freeform DJs to be heard amongst legends of the Freeform scene such as Douglas, A.B, Thumpa and Substanced. His love of the underground sounds also led him to start the Freeform forum ( giving Freeform fans, DJs & producers a place to talk about the music they love. Expect Stray to represent the sounds of the Underground in his 7D mix.



01. Kevin Energy & A.B – Sin 4 Me
02.Gammer – Unforgettable Hope (Douglas Remix)
03. B.K – Revolution (Jason Hills Remix)
04. Voycey & Douglas – Surface of the Sun (Peaks & Pinnacle Remix)
05. Nick 235 & Solution feat Rhona – Augmented Reality
06. Endemic – Hometown 2011
07. Kevin Energy & A.B – ****in Rockin it (A.B’s exclusive Ruff Fuck Remix)
08. Ephexis, DJ Rx & Carbon Based – Decimator
09. A.B – Phoenix
10. Lost Soul – Deep Space
11. Helikaon Vs Ephexis – Exploder
12. Douglas – Principia Mathematica (Exclusive Vocal Mix)
13. Arkitech – DeHumanize 2007
14. Lost Soul – Beyond Salvation
15. Arkitech & Eryk Orpheus – Paranoia
16. V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D – Bonecrusher
17. Eryk Orpheus – Really Nasty
18. Lost Soul – Suicide (Pounding Version)
19. Kevin Energy – Chemical Terror (Obie Remix) (
20. Synthwulf Vs S3RL – Everybody wants to be a DJ
21. Brisk & Fracus – Code of the Street
22. The Viper & Tommyknocker – World of Hurt




Mix 6 – DJ Mumbles (Canada): Electro House

7D would like to welcome back its favorite Trance Dj, who will be doing something different this time around! This Toronto, Ontario based Dj has been in the music scene for years. Mumbles ran his own online record store and record label known as Mumbles Hip Hop Records from January 2003 to the end of 2008. The online store consisted of the sale of Hip Hop CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and gear. Mumbles Hip Hop Records also formed into a record label releasing a total of 8 releases on CD and Vinyl format which was also able to obtain worldwide distribution through FatBeats Distribution (NYC) and Crosstalk Chicago. Mumbles now currently runs a podcast called “Trancefixion” reaching listeners around the world playing a variety of Trance to Progressive House mixes. He also releases 2 mix series “Let’s Play House” (Disco to Electro House) and “I Know You Got Soul” (Soulful House).



01.Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Cazette Meets Ash Vocal Mix)
02. Shermanology – Ring the Alarm (Original Mix)
03. Chuckie feat. Gregor Salto – What Happens In Vegas (Club Mix)
04. Steve Angello – R U There (Original Mix)
05. Dada Life – Happy Violence (Original Mix)
06. Quintino – Raider (Original Mix)
07. Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Dark One (Original Mix)
08. Leventina – Freak It Out (Original Mix)
09. Swedish House Mafia – Save the World (Style of Eye & Carli Remix)
10. Nicole Scherzinger – Right There (Chris Lake Remix)
11. Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Alyssa Palmer – No Beef (Vocal Mix)
12. Quintino & Groovenatics feat. Jaren – World Is Calling (Original Mix)
13. Rishi Romero feat. MC Knowledje – Bateria (Vocal Mix)
14. Rishi Romero – We Came To Rock 2011 (Original Mix)
15. Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Trey Lorenz – Is This Time Goodbye? (Original Miix)




Mix 7 – DJ Reverie (Canada): Electro-Industrial/Aggrotech
Positronic Radio

His very first year in the DJ scene, and he shows no signs of ever stopping. Since his first gig, D.N1lsson has been on stage week after week, after week! Known for his wide variety of genres, this mix will have plenty of surprises in store! It will keep you fascinated until the very end!



01. Painbastard – Kriegserklrung
02. Suicide Commando – Die Motherfucker Die (Modulate Remix)
03. Modulate – Skullfuck (Combichrist Remix)
04. Chainreactor – Incendiary
05. Grendel – Hate This
06. Shiv-R – God Is Art
07. Noisuf-X – Wir Fhlen Den Krach
08. Distorted Memory – Nomads
09. Combichrist – Fuck That Shit
10. Freakangel – My Darling Bullet
11. Hocico – When Words Fail, Hate Speaks
12. Phosgore – Noise Preacher
13. Incubite – Ich Hae Dich
14. Straftanz feat. Reverend G and F. Nietzsche – The Enchantment
15. Nachtmahr – Mrder




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