Free Album | Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 | Dec. 2011


Hardcore Producer Vol. 3


The Hardcore Producer series is back for it’s third installment.

“In April volume 2 was released, featuring a mix by Eufeion and almost fifty exclusive full version tracks.

It has already become the biggest free hardcore album with more full tracks than any other compilation. But this time the album will be bigger and better, with even more exclusive tracks (many of them vocal tracks), and a longer mix to boot.

The album will be fully released in the middle of December. Just before the album goes live for download we will be pressing very limited copys of the album to cd for purchase at a very low price. This will give anyone who enjoys the album a physical copy and will be another cd to add to your collection.

Once the album is up for free download it will be released in two parts. Firstly the mix will be downloadable (which again will feature many tracks that will be given for free download in part two). This time it will be mixed by Matt Envy and Frooty

A week later part two will be downloadable which will feature more than 40 full version unmixed exclusive tracks by some of the finest up and coming artists including X-Cyte, Sparkz, Nakura, Mansy, Scott Bounce, Lucky Strike, Tudge, Essi, One-Point, Damaged, Keith Buzz and dozens more.

We are hoping to be doing a fans cd in the volume this time which features tracks by some of the albums fans. If you have anything to submit then please get in touch at:”

Below is a taster mix for your listening pleasure. The mix was put together by DJ Havock, and contains six of the tracks that have already been submitted for this edition. There is also a download link for this mini-mix.



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01. DCN & Mansy – Stories Ending
02. Nakura – Rock This Place (To The Maximum)
03. DCN & Mansy – One For Me
04. Damaged & Blitzer – All I Want
05. Damaged ft Moofie – Electronic Erection
06. Mister-E – One Way (Sparkz Remix)




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3 responses to “Free Album | Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 | Dec. 2011

  1. Wont be long now guys 😀 3 days until track submission deadline and we can then get onto preparing a limited copy CD press and the free, full complete album download 😀

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