Album | Trackmaster Music – Full Frequency | 2012


TrackMaster Music - Full Frequency


NOTE: This album is now sold out and no longer available.

There aren’t a huge amount of copies left, so I recommend you get ordering very, very soon. Full Frequency is a superb double CD album released by Trackmaster Music. It features twenty-seven unmixed tracks across two CDs, and a further five free tracks sent electronically once you’ve ordered. Further still, you will also receive seamlessly mixed versions of each CD upon ordering. Thirty-two tracks and two DJ mixes for £13. You cannot argue with that. There is some exceptional stuff on here.

Below you’re going to find samples from CDs one and two, and you’ll also find a mini-mix of the five bonus tracks that I threw together myself (having bought the album a number of weeks ago). You’ll also find out where to buy the album, and a selection of other Trackmaster links.




Trackmaster Music

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Buy ‘TrackMaster Music – Full Frequency’


Full Frequency – CD1 Samples:


Full Frequency – CD2 Samples:




Full Frequency – Bonus Tracks Mini-Mix:




Previously featured TrackMaster Music items:

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DJ Cruze & MC Friction – Live @ HTID In The Sun 2010 | 14.06.2010.


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