Mix | HBC Podcast – Episode 5 – Solution & S3RL | 26.04.13.


Hard Beats Collective


The fifth episode of the re-launched Hard Beats Collective Podcast. Shamefully, it’s the first one that I’ve managed to get on here. Exceptional Nu Energy-themed mix from Solution, and a rather potent mix from S3RL, showing off his slightly harder side.

Here’s a few words from the Hard Beats chaps; concerning upcoming release details, an imminent event in London and a run down on the HBC personnel that’ll be dishing out some dancefloor pastings in Spain in mid-June:

It feels like summer is on its way, I Love Hard Beats is very fast approaching and a new podcast is here.

I Love Hard Beats 4: Sound as a Pound is less than a month away. DJs on the night include Scott Brown, Technikore, Carbon Based and K-Complex as well as all your favourite HBC DJs and will take place at Crucifix Lane, near London Bridge on Friday 24th May. To register for just £1 entry, head over to http://ilhb4.eventbrite.com.

The Hard Beats Collective is out in force at HTID in the Sun this year. A.B, Douglas, Endemic and Rik Arkitech will be bringing the noise to Lloret de Mar between 17th and 24th June. To book your freeform fix in sunny Spain search: HTID in the Sun.

The next Stamina EP featuring A.B, Nick 235 and Rhona in ‘Sience a Prayer’ and ‘Future’s Past’ is out at trackitdown.net on 6th May.

On 10th May, A-Tech’s second release ‘Numbers’ is out. Tracks include Rik Arkitech’s ‘Truly One’, ‘Tranzport Pt.2’ (Endemic Remix), ‘Light3r’ by The Beatniq and ‘Positive Vibes’ (174 Drumstep Mix). If you buy the whole EP you will also get the original mix of ‘Tranzport Pt.2’ by Rik Arkitech and an as yet, unnamed track by Rik Arkitech and Orbit1. Visit facebook.com/ATech.Music for more info.

It’s back to Stamina Records then and trackitdown.net on 20th May for Andy Dee’s EP.

This month’s podcast features a worldwide hardcore superstar in the form of DJ S3RL. He’ll be showcasing all flavours of his production range in the second half of the episode. We kick-start however, with Nu Energy raised DJ Solution as he plays a mere slice of his assault on freeform.




Hard Beats Collective:

ILHB4 – Sound As A Pound | Event Page

DJ Solution:







HBC Podcast – Episode 5 | Solution & S3RL | 192 MP3

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DJ Solution Mix

01. A.B & Solution – NanEater [Stamina Records]
02. Solution & Ephexis – Elements (Arkitech Remix) [Nu Energy Records]
03. Solution & Nick 235 Feat. Rhona – Augmented Reality [Nu Energy Records]
04. Kevin Energy & Solution – Eternal Shadows [Nu Energy Records]
05. Endemic & Solution – Outbreak (DJ RX Remix) [Nu Energy Records]
06. Solution & Ephexis – Requiem [Nu Energy Records]
07. Nick 235 & Solution – Vampires [FINRG Records]
08. A.B & Solution – Inception [Stamina Slam Series]
09. Solution & Ephexis – Pressure Point [Nu Energy Records]
10. Lost Soul – Sacrifice (Nick 235 & Solution Remix) [Nu Energy Records]
11. Solution & Nick 235 Ft Rhona – Feeling Kinda Strange (Kevin Energy’s Strange & Dark Remix) [Nu Energy Records]
12. Nick 235 & Solution – Terrorist [Nu Energy Records]



01. S3RL feat MC Offside – Go Insane [Future of Hardcore]
02. Eufeion & Patch – Hoover Stomp [Scarred Digital]
03. Weaver – Hardcore’s My Life (S3RL Remix) [Weaver Files]
04. Nobody Feat. Hyperforce – Always Gonna Be This Way (Analog Remix) [Justice Hardcore]
05. S3RL Feat. J0hnny – Let the Beat Go [Emfa Music]
06. Starkiss & Sc@r – Vicious Creatures [Scarred Digital]
07. AB & Douglas Vs. DJ Ned (CLSM) – Hold On (S3RL remix) [Stamina Records]
08. S3RL Feat. Emcee M – Raver Dimension (Haze remix) [Emfa Music]
09. Douglas & Remane – Disorder (A.B’s ‘London Techno’ Remix) [Stamina Records]
10. S3RL Feat. J0hnny – Kamehameha (Spinecode Remix) [Emfa Music]





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