EP | Stamina Records – STM016 | 20.05.13.


Stamina Records 016


Stamina Records 016 is an Andy Dee EP and it’s utterly sublime. Again, these tracks are still only currently available through trackitdown.net. However, Stamina-Records.co.uk (complete with MP3 store) will be going live very shortly, and I strongly advise you to purchase all future Stamina Records releases through the label’s own website. In addition, A.B (who runs Stamina Records) offers a CD service for those that prefer a physical product. You can send him a message through the Stamina Records Facebook page to order any of the Stamina releases on CD for a very reasonable price.




Stamina Records



Andy Dee






STM016 | Andy Dee – Forever Yours (Dark Mix)


The master of luscious trance-infused freeform soundscapes, Andy’s two flavours of ‘Forever Yours’ embrace Stamina’s Yin Yang ethos entirely. Driving hard with super-wide gated choirs, eerie vocal effects and a ferocious sub-rumbling tough bass, the ‘Dark Mix’ sandwiches a section of audio heaven in-between the heads-down n’ stomp action. Enter epic crescendos of sumptuous synthwork, sitting perfectly over Andy’s trademark moving pads, to create a breakdown that consistently has the crowd begging for more before the beats kick back in! This is inspiring and original audio brilliance once again brought to you by Stamina Records.


Purchase at trackitdown.net | 320 MP3 & WAV

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STM016 | Andy Dee – Forever Yours (Riff Mix)


Andy Dee brings home the euphoria! Taking and twisting the original dark cut of ‘Forever Yours’ into a perfectly executed ‘Riff Mix’, Andy nails the vibe of upfront feel-good UK Hardcore in one hit. Hands have been secured firmly in-the-air across the mainfloor raves for this summer-feeling Stamina slammer; inject your set with it and watch the crowd reach and revel in the rush! The ultimate ‘Yang’ to the ‘Yin’ of the A-side, Stamina Records continues to succeed in balancing the niche and the palatable; from upfront club cuts to pure & underground freeform rollers – we champion diversity! Not got the Stamina to handle both? Then make space on the dancefloor!


Purchase at trackitdown.net | 320 MP3 & WAV

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