Album | RuffBeatz #10 – Hardcore Resistance | 05.11.12.


RuffBeatz #10 - Hardcore Resistance


A seriously powerful release from RuffBeatz. There are some magnificent tracks on here – ten in total. The absolute highlight is Ranzor – Shining Light. It’s my favourite track of 2012. All of the tunes are more than decent, but special mentions for Post Script, Breathe Again, and, of course, Shining Light. Continue reading

Brisk & Trixxy – Eye Opener (SynthWulf ft. Zoe VanWest Remix) | 13.07.11.


Open Your Eyes


A remix of one of the most famous tunes in Hardcore history. Synthwulf, with vocalist Zoe Van West, remixes Brisk & Trixxy’s Eye Opener. I like it a lot personally, and I’ve not heard a single bad word said about it either. It definitely has the potential to be one of the most popular free tracks of the year. Continue reading

Alex BassJunkie & Dowster – Three Tracks | 17.05.11.


Candy Crush Music


Those that have been paying attention will know that Candy Crush Music – the label run by Alex BassJunkie and Dowster – is poised to re-launch. I loved the old Candy Crush label, and am pleased it’s re-launching. As a mini-celebration, here’s three free tracks from Alex BassJunkie and Dowster. Continue reading

Tom Parr – Missing You (Stu Infinity Revisit) | 02.05.11


Stu Infinity


Now this is a good tune. It was already a good tune, but Stu Infinity has added some delicious touches. I really do like this guy, some of his tracks are immense. Anyone remember FloorFilla, on the Scottish Empire EP for Make Believe Records? Absolutely fucking amazing track. Well, you can buy that one here. Anyways, enough ramblings. Here’s Stu’s SoundCloud page, so you can keep track of him.

Continue reading