Album | Hardcore Underground 6 | 28.10.13. | Buy Now


Hardcore Underground 6


The long-awaited Hardcore Underground 6 album is now available to pre-order. As well as shipping units early to ensure overseas customers receive the album on or as close to the release date as possible (28.10.13.), Hardcore Underground are also offering the album at a discounted price when purchased with Joey Riot and Kurt’s new album – This Is Powerstomp. Continue reading

Free Album | 7D: The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria 3 | 19.11.11.


7D The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria 3


“Your favorite dimension has come back! Continue reading

Podcast | Next Generation Podcast – Episode 28 | 26.10.11.


Next Generation Podcast


“Easing you into yet another misery filled and bleak winter are the effervescent Brisk & Fracus who inject their unique x-rated humour into episode 28 of the world famous Next Generation podcast. Continue reading

Podcast | Next Generation Podcast – Episode 27 | 18.08.11.


Next Generation Podcast


“Like Kerry Katonas period; it’s better late than never! Full of summer joy and tranquility and without a hint of spleen and bitterness, Brisk & Fracus step up with episode 27 of the now truly infamous Next Generation Records Podcast. Continue reading

News | Forthcoming Album – Hardcore Underground 5 |


Hardcore Underground 5


Very exciting news. The eagerly awaited Hardcore Underground 5 album is on the horizon. Here is some information, including DJ line-ups, that was released recently:

Continue reading

DJ Mix | DJ Toi – The Appealing Tracklist Mix | 12.06.11.


DJ Toi - The Appealing Tracklist Mix


I know I said I wouldn’t feature my own mixes after I posted the Jay’s Bootleg Mix a few months ago, but it’s my site and I can do what I want. I won’t make a habit of it, just very occasionally. So, I whacked this out about a month ago. It was the result of my first bulk-new-tunes-purchase in a long while (due to the budget I’m on at the moment, travelling around Asia). Again, it was done using Virtual DJ, but from a listener’s perspective, I don’t think it makes too much of a difference. Continue reading