Watchtower Records – Label, Album & Free Tracks | 2012


Watchtower Records


Watchtower Records are a Freeform label that have been around for a few months now. They are pushing, in their words, “…the darker, more melancholy sound of dance music while supporting charitable causes”. Continue reading

Free Album | Substanced – When The World Collapses | 20.01.12.


Substanced - When The World Collapses


What an outrageous way to kick things off again. An enormous twenty-five track, double-album from FINRG artist, Substanced. The first part is a collection of original work, with the second featuring remixes of those same tracks by a selection of artists. Some incredible tracks in here.

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Podcast | Andy Whitby – Hardkast – Episode Six | 14.07.11.


Andy Whitby - Hardkast


Another Hard Dance affair here. Don’t worry, I’m not going soft. I’m just going to occasionally feature podcasts and tracks from some of the bigger names in the Hard Dance scene. Anyways, here’s episode six of Hard Dance sensation Andy Whitby’s Hardkast.

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