Live Set | Cruze & MC Smokin’ – Live @ Stomp! | 12.04.13.


Stomp! Leeds - High Seas Ravers!


Excellent final hour from DJ Cruze. I was fortunate enough to be at this rave, and the whole night was just superb. Top people, great atmosphere and phenomenal music. If you live in the UK, you really should make the effort to get to at least one of these Stomp! events. An excellent addition to anyone’s raving CV.

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Douglas – Live @ Sinistry::Evilution | 16.03.13 .




I was lucky enough to hear this in London on the night it was recorded. What a set, and what a night.

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Live Set | Chris Unknown – Live @ Hardcore Heaven, The Summer Sessions | 01.07.10.


Chris Unknown - Live @ Hardcore Heaven, The Summer Sessions - 07.01.10.


Live set from Chris Unknown, playing at The Summer Sessions in Bournemouth, last summer. I’m going to keep it light on the descriptions front people – try and clear this massive back-log of tunes and mixes!

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Live Set | Brisk – Live @ Uproar | 01.05.11.




Brisk is such a legend when it comes to getting sets up and available. I don’t know another DJ that takes the time to do it – at least not one of his reputation. Anyways, that’s enough arse licking for now. This set is pooowwwweeerful stuff. Get involved. Oh, and check out these links, too: SoundCloud, and NextGen website.

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