Crush On Hardcore


Crush On Hardcore


Crush On Hardcore was a series of free albums released between 2007 and 2010. On this page you will find download links to the entire series, which consisted of six albums:

Crush On Hardcore
Crush On Hardcore 2
Crush On Hardcore 3
Crush On Hardcore 4
Crush On Hardcore TATWCV
Crush On Hardcore SOTV

I would like to stress that I (the creator of this fan page) am in no way associated with the Crush On Hardcore project, and that I did not contribute to it in any way, shape or form. I am setting this page up firstly as a tribute to an excellent series of albums, and secondly as, presently, the only place for people to download and enjoy all of the fantastic music featured on this epic series.




Crush On Hardcore – COCD001, 9th April 2007:


Cush On Hardcore 1


CD1 – Mixed By Leigh Outrage

CD3 – Mixed By Bounce




Crush On Hardcore 2 – COCD002, 9th October 2007:


Crush On Hardcore 2


CD1 – Mixed By Harry H

CD2 – Mixed By Mr E

CD3 – Mixed By Ruffage

CD4 – Mixed By Bounce & Square




Crush On Hardcore 3: A New Era – COCD003, 24th March 2008:


Crush On Hardcore 3:  A New Era


CD1 – Mixed By Leigh Outrage, Eufeion, Denile & E-Vade

CD2 – Mixed By Invader

CD3 – Mixed By Entity

CD4 – Mixed By Shanty




Crush On Hardcore 4 – COCD004, 13th July 2009:


Crush On Hardcore 4


CD1 – Mixed by Haze & Suae

CD2 – Mixed by Eufeion & E-Vade

CD3 – Mixed by Entity

CD4 – Mixed by Lee UHF & Andy Freestyle

CD5 – Mixed by Cruze & Breaks




Crush On Hardcore: The Album That Was Called V – COCD005, 20th March 2010:


Crush On Hardcore:  The Album That Was Called V


CD 1 – Mixed By Cube::Hard

CD 2 – Mixed By Shanty

CD 3 – Mixed By JNKS & Swoosh And DJ RX & Carbon Based




Crush On Hardcore: Sequal Of The V – COFREECD001, August 2010:


Crush On Hardcore:  The Sequal Of The V


18 Unmixed Tracks





7 responses to “Crush On Hardcore

    • There were licensing issues with one (or maybe more) of the tracks on his mix and it had to be pulled almost immediately. Some lucky people were able to download it before it was made unavailable, though. If you asked around I’m sure you could get it. And for the record, I think JAL was the label that had issues with him using certain tracks.

  1. Woah, awesome website. Finally have all the COH tracks, i’ve been looking for these for quite some time now. Also, are these ripped from the CD’s? Cause i noticed the volume on COH1 needs to be higher as apposed to the other ones.

    • Thanks for the comment, Eri! Glad you could finally complete your COH collection, as well. 🙂 The COH series was never available on CD, and these are the same unaltered files that were originally available. 🙂

  2. You’re amazing! Looked everywhere for these, and I bet other people are, too — spread the word! It’s a pity that they’ve shut down…

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