Nu Foundation – Drifting Away (Cat Like Thief Remix) | 23.03.12.




Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of the death of Mikey Nu Foundation. A genuinely savage loss on a whole range of levels. Cat Like Thief has released a remix of Nu Foundation’s Drifting Away track, to commemorate the anniversary. Continue reading

Cat Like Thief – It Starts With A Whisper (Nu Foundation Remix) | 26.03.11.




Cat Like Thief on the recently passed Nu Foundation: “I remember when I finished Whisper, logged on to MSN, and said “Hey dude, remix this.” The next morning I had this sitting in my e-mails with the message “Hey, I did it. Is it good?” I think we can all agree that yes, Mikey, it is VERY good!”. What a special guy, what a special talent. R.I.P. Continue reading

Free Track | Cat Like Thief – Just For Now – 02.03.11.

ReBuild Music


Brand new free track! ReBuild Music are giving away a dreamy Cat Like Thief tune. Cat Like Thief’s development over the past twelve months is nothing short of amazing, with ReBuild head-honcho Thumper wisely snapping him up. Follow Cat Like Thief and ReBuild Music on SoundCloud for all the latest. Download link and YouTube vid below.

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