DJ Mix | DJ Cotts – CLSM Breakbeat Hardcore Mix | 08.11.11.




Hardcore has been experiencing somewhat of a Breakbeat revolution recently, within which CLSM has been a prominent feature. DJ Cotts has put together a mix of his recent favourites, all of which can be purchased through the CLSM store, via the links below. Enjoy.

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Radio Show | DJ Cotts – The Aussie Hardcore Show | 11.05.11.


DJ Cotts


I don’t know whether it’s going to be a regular thing, but Cotts decided to make one of his shows from earlier this month available for download yesterday. If it is regular, you know for a fact that I will be getting them on here as soon as they’re available. As for the show itself, I think I caught this one live on the day. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s fantastic. That said, every single show he does is fantastic. The Aussie Hardcore Show is on every Wednesday at 10am – to midday (GMT), and you can catch it over on Radio.

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New Album | The Slipmatt Remix Collection – The Hardcore 90s – Part 1 | 26.02.11.


My goodness – what do we have here!  Featuring not only an 80 minute, 20 track mix – but including 17 full-length unmixed classics, you would be an absolute retard if you weren’t giving serious thought to purchasing this album.  It’s a download only album, and available exclusively from It’s out TODAY – so what in God’s name are you waiting for?  Perhaps you’d like a sample? Well, it’s a good thing that everybody’s favourtie Aussie Hardcore DJ – DJ Cotts – has put together a promo mix on YouTube, isn’t it? Get involved.


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